If You Want To Hire a Content Manager, Be Sure To Ask Them This Question First

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A content strategy is critical to the success of any marketing strategy today. With this in mind our One Question series is back with the most important question to ask when interviewing a Content Manager. We asked our team what they look for in Content Manager candidates and how to distinguish between a good candidate and the perfect candidate for your company’s needs.

What to look for

According to our Senior Account Manager, Bri McGee, our Content Manager candidates “must have online marketing and writing experience mixed with the basic understanding of analytics.”It’s important for Content Managers to develop strong, engaging content that is on brand and matches your company’s voice. In addition they have to be analytical and able to understand the growth their content is driving. Qualified Content Managers should be able to  “yield growth of unique monthly visitors, pageviews, success stories such as social shares, views, engagement, etc.” according to Business Development Manager, Britni Hicks. Our expert recruiters look for candidates who are team players and can easily collaborate with coworkers across departments. Depending on your company’s needs, Content Managers may have to work with the creative department, tech, ecommerce etc. on social media strategy and content creation.

What to ask

So what question should you ask your next Content candidate? How do you use data to inspire content and what results do you look for from your own content? This question will help you determine the candidate’s thought process and how strategic they are in their content development. Now that you have your one question, get the talent your company needs from 24 Seven’s talent database here!