Most In Demand Freelancers & Why You Should Hire Them

Most In Demand Freelancers & Why You Should Hire Them

With today’s talent market and the constant evolution of technology in the workplace, hiring freelance talent has never been a wiser choice. According to Hiring Managers, the functional areas with the highest talent demand are so hot right now that it is hard to lock down candidates, especially for fulltime positions. Luckily, our expert Recruiters are experienced in hiring talent for both fulltime and freelance roles and know the ins and outs of bringing you the best talent for your company.

Who’s in demand?

Social Media Managers, UX Designers, Email Marketing Managers, Production Artists, Project Managers, Social Graphic Designers/Producers, and Content Creators are currently some of the most in demand talent. In many situations, these roles could be hired either freelance or fulltime, but when it comes down to the specific needs of a team, it is easy to see where freelancers can get the job done best. Candidates are more selective than ever in the offers they accept because they know their skills are in-demand.

The benefits of going with freelance

These digital functions are easily completed off-site and likely don’t require additional technology or specific training.

For example, when building a new website, it is not always necessary to have a UX Designer on site fulltime. Once the user model and user interface are created with accompanying applications and tools, the only projects moving forward would be for routine maintenance or a rebrand. These roles are desirable to freelancers because they are able to come in as either an expert or an extra set of hands. When a new project or launch is on the table, an expert opinion or even just a new perspective is more than adequate, and is not as costly as hiring a new employee who would then have to learn the ropes of the team rather than just focusing on getting the project done.


The digital landscape is constantly evolving with new trends, technology, and content. Contrary to fulltime employees, freelancers are constantly learning and growing their trade, as they work with different brands, products, and technology on each individual project. Freelancers know that their skills are in demand, but they also know that to achieve the best results, they need to be continuously learning. In our job market survey, employees reported that professional relevance, skill currency, adaptability to change, and technological savvy were some of their top concerns. For freelance talent, it is up to them to make sure they are receiving the training and development necessary to thrive in their industries, opposed to fulltime employees who often wait to see what is offered by their company.

Of course, each project and team is different, but our team at 24 Seven has the experience and knowledge to let you know what talent is the best fit for the project or role and is ready to fill your next opening. For our resource on the Benefits of Hiring Freelancers, click here!