Hire Freelancers to Cover Today’s Most In-demand Talent Areas

Most In Demand Freelancers & Why You Should Hire Them

With the constant evolution of technology and the workplace, companies are choosing to hire freelancers as a talent management strategy. Many companies opt to hire freelancers over full-time employees to scale their staffing gaps during uncertainty – whether it’s business downturns or simply because companies aren’t sure yet what their true talent need is, hiring freelancers is a great way to keep projects moving without the burden of making a full-time hire.

Hiring freelancers is a smart solution in the best of times, and the challenging ones. Freelancers are learned, niche experts, ready to hit the ground running, and often require minimal onboarding. They’re also pros at working from virtually anywhere and tend to embody coveted soft skills like adaptability, communication and self-starting.

Demand for Freelance talent is on the rise

When speaking to our clients on a day-to-day basis these areas have a high demand for freelancers:

  • Social Media Managers
  • UX Designers
  • Email Marketing Managers
  • Growth Marketing Managers
  • Production Artists
  • Project Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Ecommerce Managers
  • Content Creators
  • Performance Marketing Managers

In many situations, these roles could be hired either freelance, full-time or fully remote.  But when it comes down to the specific, urgent needs of a team, it is easy to see how choosing to hire freelancers is the best bet. From the moment of hire, gig workers are accustomed to being laser-focused contributors, delivering on time and to a high standard.

Hire freelancers, enjoy the benefits

Freelance means Flexibility

Instead of engaging a full-time member of staff, you can conveniently hire a freelancer on as needed basis. For example, you may really just need an SEO specialist for a one-off project instead of the need for a full-time employee.

Freelancers have opted to freelance because they love setting their own working hours. That flexibility in hours can greatly benefit you too. Your freelancer could be answering your Facebook fans, posting a blog, or upgrading your business website after you’re done for the day and closed shop.

Rates over salary

Hourly freelancer rates might initially seem prohibitive and expensive. But when you hire a freelancer, especially one who can work remote, you don’t have to meet overhead costs. There’s no insurance to pay or other costs of employment. And freelancers are only paid for the hours they work on your project – their hourly rate is not an annualized salary. If you work with a freelance recruitment agency like 24 Seven, we ensure that freelancers are appropriately classified according to U.S. Labor Department standards, and we handle their timesheets, payroll, taxes, and Worker’s Compensation.

Swift Delivery

Freelancers are always motivated to perform an excellent job as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They fully understand that it’s in their best interest to remain reliable and exceed your expectations. The next gig is always top of mind, so delivering top-shelf work is a priority. That’s why hiring freelancers is a great way to ensure you keep your projects moving forward.


Freelancers gain lots of experience from working with a variety of different brands across sectors including advertising, fashion, beauty, and retail. Each project freelancers complete adds skills to their ever-growing arsenal. When you hire freelancers, your business stands to gain from all that vast experience.

Expert advice

If a distinct task needs to be done and your business lacks that specific skill, you can hire freelancers with specialized backgrounds for that one-time job. Freelance hires bring their expertise to you without you having the need for a full-time employee and costing your business more money in the long run.

We understand, each business, project and team is unique, and our team at 24 Seven has the experience and knowledge to match talent that is the best fit for your available role. To hire freelancers that require special expertise for a project, get in contact with us or fill out a talent request form here and one of our freelance recruiters will get back to you.