Top 4 Qualities Interviewers Look For In Candidates

Top 4 Qualities Interviewers Look For In Candidates

Have you ever been preparing for an interview and wondered what exactly your interviewer will be looking for? You research the company and setup mock interviews with friends, but there is never a full study guide to ace the interview test. As important as both of these preparation tactics are, we broke down the top 4 things that interviewers are looking for, so that you know just how to prepare for your next big interview.

Are you a culture fit?

Interviewers want to know that you think you will fit the company culture based on your research of the company, but they will be doing an assessment of their own as well. Throughout the conversation, your interviewer will be considering how well you will match the rest of the employees. Before the interview, check on LinkedIn to see who is on the team, and while you are in the office be sure to look out for different personalities and work ethics so that you can assess if you fit with the current dynamics and personalities in the office.

Do you have the proper skills?

Your skills on your resume are most likely what got you the interview to begin with, so be sure you are able to articulate past projects you worked on, applications you used, and other real life examples of your relevant experience. Interviewers look for confidence in your expertise and want to know that you understand what you are talking about and how you will bring your skills to their company.

How do you work under pressure?

Be mindful of how you present yourself. While interviews are nerve wrecking, this meeting should not be as nerve wrecking as presenting to a board of executives or falling behind on an upcoming deadline. With your nerves aside, put your best foot forward to show your motivation, work ethic, leadership skills, and how you will engage with potential customers, clients, and peers.

Do you know how to work with others?

As easy as it may be to talk about your skills, experience, and the projects you worked on, it is equally – if not more – important to speak about these experiences from a team perspective. Candidates who speak highly of their past team members and demonstrate their ability to collaborate with others will come off in a more positive light to the interviewer than a candidate who claims all the glory and responsibility for success.

While every interview is different, these four qualities are important in almost every role. Be comfortable in yourself, your experience, and always be sure to keep your goals in mind during the interview. For more interview advice, check out this post, and feel free to reach out to our expert Recruiters for their insights and advice here!

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