Are You Hearing From Multiple Recruiters? Here’s Why.

Are You Hearing From Multiple Recruiters Here's Why

If you’ve worked with staffing agencies before, you may sense the trend that each agency works differently. What works for one agency may not work for the other, but we wanted to clear the air of any questions you have about working with 24 Seven. One of our most frequently asked questions is “why do I hear from multiple recruiters for different roles?”

The basics

Working with a recruiter expands your network and allows you to further develop your skills as a candidate while you search for your perfect role. Often, when you meet with a recruiter they won’t have an opportunity in line with your experience or what you are looking for right then. But, it is always a great idea to make the connection so there is already an established relationship when the perfect role comes up.

It is important to know that every staffing agency you work with will operate in a different way. From the industries they work in, to the specific roles they place, the types of candidates they represent, and how they choose to represent them, each agency has their own set of values, goals, and specialties they focus on.

Job flexibility

For agencies with candidate ownership (each candidate is paired with one recruiter), you are limited to the jobs on your assigned recruiter’s desk. When working with a staffing agency like 24 Seven, you will be considered for all the jobs, clients, and industries being supported by all the recruiters at that time (not just the roles on the desk of the first recruiter you met with). Since they share resources throughout the whole company, you are also able to explore opportunities and be contacted for roles on a national/global scale and not just in local market. This means more exposure and opportunities for you!

Ease of communication

Recruiters are busy and are typically working on multiple roles at a time, making them sometimes difficult to get ahold of. If you’re assigned to only one recruiter a communication bottleneck can arise, especially when you’re waiting on feedback. At an agency without candidate ownership, you can speak with any of the recruiters who support your function and get help with your job search and advice. Be sure to note that each recruiter is working on specific roles, so if you need details on an opportunity a recruiter sent to you, it is best to try and get a hold of them personally. While you may be working on a specific role with one recruiter, though, it is not uncommon to also hear from another recruiter on a different role. This allows you the opportunity to follow through on the role that you prefer (or try for both!).

Finding the perfect job match is all about timing, but the opportunity to work with multiple recruiters on different roles, is like being able to throw your hat (or resume) in the ring multiple times.  Ready to start your job search with a recruiter? Check out our resource on what it’s really like to work with a recruiter and browse our open positions to get started today!