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How to Further Develop Your Career in Your Chosen Job

Career Development And Skill Building

What Can I Do to Further My Career & Enhance My Skillset?

We know that furthering yourself in your career can be tricky, and sometimes it may feel like you’re at a professional plateau, but we have some tips & tricks so that you’ll be able to develop your career and boost your skills at work.

Improve Your Performance

First, determine the industry or job you want to advance in so you can plan ahead and ensure that the goals you set will help get you there. If you’re already in your ideal career, find actionable ways to progress beyond your current position by talking with senior members of your team, a mentor, or networking outside your company, utilizing professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Your career progress is like a ladder, and you need to improve each step of the way in order to continue to move upwards. As you begin your career progression, you’ll want to ensure that your performance is strong, highlighting both hard and soft skills while also focusing on areas that may need improvement.

The best way to assess where you’re at in your role is by creating an open pathway of communication with your manager. Scheduling regular one-on-ones, setting attainable goals, and participating in quarterly reviews is a great way to stay focused while providing ample opportunity for constructive feedback.

Look for Guidance and Critical Feedback

When looking to grow within your career, connect with individuals who are in positions that you aspire to reach within your career trajectory. Establishing relationships with professionals in your desired field can help you determine direction, specific hurdles they’ve encountered, and must-have skills for success as you continue to grow within your industry.

While receiving constructive criticism from others may feel difficult or uncomfortable at times, it’s important to use this feedback as a positive opportunity for self-improvement. If you want to continue to level up within your career, accepting and adjusting to feedback will not only help you grow, but will allow you to stand out among other candidates when looking for new career opportunities.

Grow your skillset

As you advance in your career, continually assessing and building upon your skillset should remain top of mind. With new tools and technology at your fingertips, staying on top of emerging trends and highly sought after job skills will keep you ahead of the curve in a competitive talent market.

Our recruitment team recommends looking at desired job descriptions to assess the skills needed in an ideal candidate. By doing your research, you will have a much clearer understanding of the skills, certifications, and prior work experience needed to excel in a given role and/or industry while remaining a competitive candidate in a potential pool of applicants.

Create a Career Roadmap

It’s easy to get distracted from your goals when life gets in the way, which is why establishing a roadmap for yourself is a great way to not only stay focused but also stay one step ahead in a competitive talent market. A great place to start is by setting ‘SMART’ goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Begin by setting, clear and purposeful goals that are attainable and relevant towards what you want to achieve. In doing so, establish a timeline that is feasible for where you are currently at in your career, as setting goals that are far-fetched or unachievable may leave you feeling burnt out at an accelerated pace. Setting various short and long-term goals will help keep you motivated in your pursuit towards your final end goal. Most importantly, regularly assess your progress, update your targets, and check-in with yourself.

24 Seven has your career goals in mind

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