Top Reasons You Should Find A Company With A Mission You Relate To

Top Reasons You Should Find A Company With A Mission You Relate To

When applying for jobs, what is the first thing you look for? Of course, you look at the job description, your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and maybe you look for a section on company culture. You start to wonder if you can bring your dog to work, and what about benefits? Do they offer snacks? While checking to see if there is kombucha on tap and summer Fridays, try to also review the company’s mission statement. Though sometimes overlooked in the job search process, we’re breaking down the top reasons why you should find a company with a mission you relate to.

The about us matters

How do you decide if an organization is the right fit? Check out the organization’s website, social media feeds, press releases, and news to get a feel for what they’re about. On the website, be sure to read the “About Us” section as this typically dives into the organization’s values, mission, and purpose. Understand other significant aspects of the brand, such as philanthropy, volunteering, policy engagement, and donations, which ultimately give back to communities locally or globally. Is something like sustainability and social responsibility important to you? If that’s critical to a brand’s purpose, it’s embedded in every aspect of what they do—from manufacturing, sourcing, fair pay, recycling, and innovative design.

It makes it worth it in the end

According to our 2019 Job Market Report, just 4 in 10 surveyed were happy with their current job and employer. Even our dream careers can have rough days. It could be because of a personal issue, a shift in management, or just an off day. Knowing that you are working for something more than just the task at hand will not only help push you through rough days but will remain a constant motivation to put your best foot forward at work. Rather than working hard to double sales, you know that at the end of the day you’re working towards company goals and a deeper cause, whether that be a mission, non-profit, or bettering employees, other organizations and the planet.

More than just a paycheck

Why work for just a paycheck when you can work for so much more. Falling in love with your career shouldn’t be rare, especially in today’s market. Being a candidate-driven market, you as the job seeker are in the driver’s seat. Take advantage of that, know your skills, and know that it is okay to look for not only the perfect role but the perfect job at the perfect company. If you’re interviewing with a company you click with, don’t be afraid to ask about their company values and mission statement. Or, if you’re already in a role at your company, try meeting with colleagues in other departments to see if they have set values or mission statements each department works towards or if you can help brainstorm some.

We all remember when we were younger, deciding what we wanted to be when we grew up. With companies beginning to focus more on mission statements, your daily work has more of a purpose and meaning behind it. Join our team today and work alongside driven and empowered colleagues every day.