Top Tips To Better Market Yourself As A Creative Candidate

Top Tips To Better Market Yourself As A Creative Candidate

You’ve started your job search, updated your resume, and have begun crafting tailored versions of your resume and cover letter to send out. Yet, you can’t help but think there is a better way to market yourself and show off your creativity. We’re sure you have heard of candidates buying billboards, or sending pizza boxes with their resumes inside, but that isn’t for everyone. As a creative candidate, it is important to show off your talents and skills in more than just a word document, so we are giving you three ways to market your design talent and help you land your next role.

Start with branding

When working for a brand, you know exactly who the audience is, what is the approved colors are, and the brand’s voice. The same should go for your personal brand as well. Creating a personal brand will help you be able to target your future employers. Building a brand based on your skills, credentials, passions, interests, and values will allow you to effectively market yourself and help elevate your application in the hiring process.

Put together your portfolio

If you’re a Designer, having an up to date, stellar portfolio will be a huge selling point to future employers. Be sure to strategically select examples that show a variety of work, your creativity, and your ability to follow brand guidelines. The more diverse and expansive your portfolio is, the more you will be able to show your future employers what you are capable of. Just be sure to not fall into the trap of including every piece of work you have created. If you have several years of experience, we recommend creating tailored portfolios to better showcase specific work examples to specific employers.

It’s all online

Creating a website allows you to display all your information in one accessible place. Imagine a phone interview, in which you’re asked to reference a project you worked on and need to explain the design and objective, sounds like a lot of information to convey right? With a website, you could easily direct the Hiring Manager to view the end product first hand and provide a visual representation of your experience. If you are transitioning in your career or took a few years off, a website can give you an additional platform to explain your work history without the limitations of a one-page resume. Plus, creating a website allows you to take control of your own narrative if a Hiring Manager were to Google search you!

Now that your creativity is not only being used for work projects but to help market your future career, you are on the road for success. Interested in expert advice from our recruiters? Contact your nearest 24 Seven location to meet with us or browse our current opportunities here. Our team of expert creative recruiters can help you finetune your design portfolio, personal website and resume.