Top 10 Tips For Video Interviews


Whether you are interviewing for a remote role or the company prefers video over in-person, preparing for a video interview differs slightly from preparing for meeting in person. There are several platforms companies may use to perform video interviews, so being familiar with the overall platform is a start, but we want you to feel extra prepared and confident to land the job, so we are sharing our top 10 tips for nailing a video interview.

1. Do your research

Just like in an in-person interview, it is important to do your research on the company and who you are interviewing with, but it is also important to research the platform or website you will be using for the video interview. Do you need a headset? Is your laptop or tablet compatible? Do you need to download an app or update your software? Adding in this extra step to your research will not only have you feeling confident about the company, but you will go into it without fear of any technology issues.

2. Get ready, top to bottom

Just like you would for an in-person interview, it’s also important to look presentable for a video interview. You may think that since the video camera will only capture your chest up it is okay to wear sweats or your favorite pajama bottoms, and while that may be the case, it is best not to take the risk. Get ready fully, including wearing pants or a skirt that match your outfit and are interview appropriate. You never know if something may happen and you need to get up, or if your video camera moves, or anything else that might occur. This does not mean you need to wear dress shoes but be aware of anything that is or may be in the frame at any time.

3. Know your surroundings

If you are able to take the video interview at home, be sure that there is a neutral and non-distracting wall behind you. Put away any inappropriate or personal things that may be in the frame and keep it professional. If you need to go to a coffee shop or coworking space, try and get a corner table, desk or phone room if available to limit distractions and ensure you have a quiet place where you can focus. Also, be sure that the area is well lit and has somewhere to place your laptop or tablet at an appropriate angle for a video meeting.

4. Charge it

Whether you are having a phone or video interview we cannot stress enough the importance of a fully charged battery and extra charger just in case. The worst thing that could happen is you end a great interview abruptly due to a dead battery.

5. Know your password

If you need to login to a video-conference platform, be sure you know your login and password information for the platform, but also be sure that you have access to Wi-Fi if outside of your home. If you need password access, be sure to prepare and ask for the information at least 10 minutes prior to your interview to ensure there are now security or site blocks within the guest internet.

6. Timing is everything

Be on time but be careful not to be too early. With in-person interviews, it is always best practice to arrive 10 minutes early as you are able to wait for your interviewer. With video capabilities, interviews may be scheduled back to back in the same chatroom, so it is important to join a minute or two before and not sooner as to not accidentally walk in on someone else’s video interview.

7. Testing makes perfect

Of course, you should practice prior to your interview, but it is also very important to test that your webcam works, your microphone is connected, and any headsets or additional accessories needed for the video chat are properly functioning and work with the platform.

8. Know your volume

Be aware of any surrounding noises or distractions that may be around and try to avoid them as much as possible. Whether you are home and need to give your roommate the heads up, put pets in a different room, or be aware of other people in a coffee shop or coworking space, know what the outside noises are and ensure to the best you can that it does not interfere with your interview. It is also important to test your volume on your computer, it may be best to utilize headphones so that you are not screaming at your computer and disrupting others around you.

9. Be aware of your body language

Since your video interview is only chest up, take extra precaution of your body language and what it is saying. Sit up straight, make sure your camera is at a complimentary and appropriate angle, and even if you are on your couch, act like you aren’t. This is a professional meeting, even though it is taking place in a familiar space.

10. Treat it like an in-person interview

Just because the interview is done through technology, doesn’t mean you should treat it as less important than any other interview. Prep as you would for any interview, and be sure to take the extra precautions around technology and your surroundings.

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