How to Use Your Down Time to Work On Your Personal Brand

How to Use Your Down Time to Work On Your Personal Brand

Down time at work is inevitable. Whether you are currently working from home and have spare time, are transitioning into a new role, or have a slow influx of work coming in, we have the perfect solution to best utilize your time, work on your personal brand. Branding is key to the success of a company and also the success of your career.  We want to help you build your personal brand with these top tips.

The new type of networking

Build your network online. Networking, whether it’s in person or online, is an incredible way to meet mentors, new colleagues, and others in your industry. It’s not just enough to add connections on LinkedIn or in meetup groups, however. Start a conversation with a previous colleague or alumni from your school. You’ll have to take initiative to develop a relationship that will help you grow your career, especially online.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Make sure both your personal and professional social profiles present you in the right light, in line with the brand you’re trying to get across. Ensure all photos are appropriate and articulate who you are both personally and professionally. Don’t post something you wouldn’t show your boss or your grandma. Branding yourself on social also includes updating your accounts often and making sure that your profiles are searchable.

Take the elevator

Prepare your personal selling points in an elevator pitch. Be sure you are able to sell yourself and your skillsets in any given moment. You should also be able to pitch yourself in a quick text or email at the drop of the hat. Things to include in your pitch are, your current role and the role you’re aspiring to have, your expertise, which industry you specialize in and any applicable skills.

Mission possible

What is your personal mission statement? You hear companies selling products and making deals based on their mission statements, but what would yours be? This is different from your elevator pitch in that it is your why not your how or what.

Ask yourself these questions

Your personal brand encompasses who you are as a professional and can therefore make or break your career success. To have a strong personal brand, you should have a definitive answer to these questions.

  • What separates you from your competition?
  • What’s your unique selling point?
  • How do you demonstrate/express all of the above to others?

These questions should help you define and continue to strengthen your personal brand.

Take that class

A great way to keep yourself busy when you have downtime is to build upon your skillset. There are so many free classes available online, whether you’re trying to grow your career in digital marketing, design or UX, there’s a course out there for you. We also recommend signing up for webinars to learn what trends other professionals in your industry are seeing. Adding to your skillset with help keep you focused while also adding to your personal brand. It’s a win win.

Do you feel ready to build your personal brand? Get additional tips and information with our 24 Seven Academy here.