5 Reasons to Work with a Freelance Recruiter

Freelance Recruiter

35% of the current workforce is made up of freelancers and the number is on the rise. It's easy to understand why - as a freelancer you can set your own schedule, work for the clients you choose, and grow your skillset along the way. But before making the switch to a freelance career, it is crucial to consider where ongoing gigs and projects will come from. This is where a freelance recruiter comes in! Working with a freelance recruiter eliminates the burden of having to constantly seek out new opportunities on your own and awards you career guidance from an expert. We're sharing our top five reasons why you should consider working with a freelance recruiter.

1. Free flexibility

One of the most important things to remember when working with a freelance recruitment agency is that they are an additional, free, resource for you. Freelance recruiters do the job searching for you and line up opportunities and interviews that meet your needs. They actively pipeline work for you while your working on your current assignment. At 24 Seven, whether you submit your resume through a job posting, or sign up directly through 24 Seven’s website, our freelance recruiters ask your permission prior to sending out your information, so if you are looking to make the jump to freelance while currently employed, your search will be kept confidential.

2. Manage your career path

Freelance recruiters are experts in the job market and can help you strategically plan your freelance career path. At your first meeting (or video conference) your freelance recruiter will get to know your background, experience and what you’re looking for. They’ll review your portfolio/resume and get a sense of the kinds of assignments you like. From there, they’ll contact you for freelance roles that make sense for you and your goals. Whether you are looking to freelance permanently or are interested in side work while maintaining a full-time role, freelance recruiters are there to give you the advice and tips you need to excel in your career.

3. Stand out from the competition

Freelance recruiters are industry insiders who work diligently to match you with a position that is aligned with your qualifications and career goals and will help you stand out as a candidate. When it comes to knowing what companies are looking for, what skills are in-demand and how to prepare for the interview, you’ll get the inside scoop, from resume advice to tips for your portfolio.  Whether you're looking for digital marketing jobs, creative jobs, copywriting jobs, or any other freelance job, your recruiter will work with you on your resume to make sure it’s tailored for the type of position you’re looking for and coach you through the interview process. At 24 Seven, our freelance recruiters are connected to hiring managers at today’s hottest brands & agencies and they know about open freelance jobs before they’re even posted, that means more opportunities for you!

4. Get paid on time, every time

As a 24 Seven freelancer you are paid weekly by 24 Seven, no hounding your client for a check. We also know how important benefits are to the employee experience, so 24 Seven is dedicated to providing freelance employees with a comprehensive benefit program.  Dental Plan, Vision Care, Eyewear Discount Program, and Hospital Indemnity plan are offered within 30 days of hire. 24 Seven offers all eligible employees a health insurance plan that meets the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements which means that they cover all required services and your share of the cost is within the limits set by the ACA.  Time-off benefits and 401(k) with company match for eligible employees are also offered.

5. More opportunities to work!

Once you go through the process of getting an interview and, if it all works out, getting hired, you are all set until your project ends, at which point your freelance recruiter will be in touch to see what you’re looking for next!

Interested in kickstarting your freelance career? Sign up today or apply to one of our open freelance job opportunities with some of the most exciting brands out there!