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Career Over Coffee With Julia Weiner, Social Media Manager

Career Over Coffee Header Julia Weiner

In today’s Career Over Coffee, we sat down for a virtual coffee meeting with Social Media Manager, Julia Weiner, to discuss the importance of setting a robust social strategy, best practices for engaging and growing a strong audience, and how to market yourself in the Digital Marketing space.

What tips do you have for engaging and growing an audience?

While working across all social channels, I always remind myself that we are speaking to people as a brand, not at people. By speaking directly to your audience through social posts and activations, you are encouraging interaction and involvement that ultimately helps your brand grow. Whether you are posting a tutorial, webinar, or question, always be mindful of the fact that you are speaking directly to an audience, even if it’s in an indirect way.

As a Social Media Manager, how do you market yourself?

I currently hold the title of Social Media Manager but feel that I’ve “rebranded” myself more as a Digital Storyteller and feel that many people within this role can do the same. Social media is just another way to editorialize content, and just because you are not writing a full article from beginning to end, doesn’t mean you are not creating content from introduction to conclusion.

How do you showcase the work you do, and what tips do you have for others in similar roles?

A lot of people outside of strictly creative roles (i.e. Copywriters, Graphic Designer, Art Directors, etc.) don’t think to create a portfolio because they are not physically creating something to showcase, but I think otherwise. The realm of Social Media is a strong mix of both writing and design, delivered in way that is not only digestible, but encourages interaction and engagement across the board.

How have you used networking as a tool to excel in your role?

Networking has been such an important factor in my role. I’ve learned how beneficial it can be to network and discuss relevant topics with likeminded individuals within my industry, but more importantly outside of my specific industry. By doing so, you get a much broader perspective of what’s going on around you, as well as different viewpoints, values, and ideas. By looking at a brand from “publication light”, then looking at yourself and the brand you represent as a media outlet/publication, you are able to not only market yourself, but the overall story of who you are.

How do you stay on top of the latest trends?

To stay on top of trends, following competitors is key. You don’t need to look at it in the light of following a competitor, either, but rather as a “trend watch”. Keep in mind that no trend is too small or too superficial – sometimes it’s the smallest thing/trend that people connect with and find the most meaningful at the end of the day.

How do you prioritize Customer Service into your strategy?

Customer Service and Experience is extremely important across the board, for any brand. Responding to peoples concerns through social (if they come through there) should always be addressed and then passed to the right person for additional help. The experience the customer has will have a lasting impact, so ensuring the individual feels heard and connected to will make all the difference. This goes hand in hand with future engagement and connection to the brand as well.For more trends and resources, click here!