With Pandemic Work Plates Full, Recruiters Can Ease Talent Management Burden

Back in April, as the reality of the public health emergency took hold, many companies pulled back hiring and froze it all together. Headed into late Summer and looking forward to the final half of a most unusual year, organizations are slowly establishing a footing, and reopening searches. The show must go on – even if it’s business unusual. Even retailers – among the hardest hit by the pandemic economy – are looking ahead to Holiday 2020.

As hiring freezes thaw, the job market is still one that’s gone from candidate-favoring to employers holding all the cards. Exceptions to this are the very top talent and those with the most desirable skill sets (hint: e-commerce, digital marketers, social strategists, and others who can reach pandemic-mindset buyers). These coveted candidates still require wooing despite the tight job market. Hiring managers weighed down by the burden of remote leadership and new pandemic-inspired job responsibilities might consider relying on recruiters today more than ever.

Resume Tsunami

With the hiring market posting unemployment figures that rival the Great Recession of 2007-2009, companies have become deluged with resumes. Job board postings result in countless applications – a fraction of which are from qualified applicants. Adding to the heap of CVs are the unsolicited inquiries for work. Overwhelmed hiring managers are giving up the effort to sift through the submissions and turn to recruiters for a more efficient approach to talent sourcing.

Recruiters Offer Laser-focused Talent Identification

Specialized recruiters like 24 Seven offer an ideal solution for finding the perfect candidate among thousands of possibilities. With a carefully curated network of talent, the chances are high that recruiters can connect companies to the exact professional they need to fill a mission-critical gap. While there may seem to be an abundance of talent out there, competitive skirmishes over the best candidates still occur. Recruiters can help keep candidates engaged, while encouraging clients to move the recruiting process along, beating the competition to the hire.

Technology-based Recruiting Accelerates Placement

Recruiters were already experts at filtering, vetting, and expediting candidates, and have been early adopters of enabling technology to improve the process. The pandemic has only accelerated the use of technology among highly specialized staffing firms. In addition to managing talent acquisition for a client, recruiters can help companies navigate which technology they might implement internally to better evaluate and secure candidates, from testing skillsets, to interviewing, and on-boarding.

Pandemic Cold Feet Requires More Employer Brand Advocacy

Highly-sought candidates are usually highly-appreciated at their current companies. With the pandemic economy giving everyone anxiety, top candidates are wary of making a move. This is an especially challenging objection to overcome when current social conditions have eliminated the possibility of an in-person hiring process experience. A practiced recruiter is key to selling the opportunity, the culture, and company, serving as your employment brand influencer.


The pandemic has increased the responsibility and pressure most hiring managers feel today. Recruiters can provide welcome relief by shouldering the stress of hiring during unusually uncertain times. For more talent strategy insights, click here.