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Hire Marketers

Speak to a Marketing recruiter and they will tell you that the demand for Digital & Marketing talent is higher than ever. In fact, it might even seem like there are more Digital and Marketing jobs open than candidates to fill them.

“Now more than ever companies are in need of digital excellence,” explained one Marketing recruiter. She went on to specify, “We are seeing more of our clients asking for social, digital, e-commerce, and web design talent.”

Hiring managers tell us that the functional areas with the highest talent need include Marketing & Digital Marketing, Creative, E-commerce, Sales, and Advertising. In fact, Marketing & Digital Marketing talent demand is twice as high as the next in-demand functional area, Creative.

Doing More with Less

Often times hiring managers may have the need to fill multiple positions, but only have the budget for one. Companies are increasingly looking for candidates who are skilled in more than just one area, as well as individuals who are well-rounded and show initiative or a propensity for learning new skills.

The Power of Soft Skills

With many companies managing some level of distributed teams as a lasting result of the pandemic, hiring managers tell us that candidates who bring remote and independent-working soft skills to the table are the most coveted. When you work with a Marketing recruiter, they have the tools to identify the most communicative, collaborative, self-disciplined, professional self-starters for consideration.

While the current job market may seem to favor the employer, companies should not dawdle on hiring decisions when it comes to proven marketing and digital talent. For these sought-after candidates, they are often considering multiple offers from the driver’s seat and slow-moving hirers risk losing out on their top picks.

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