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Consider this scenario. Does it sound familiar? A top performer has announced that they are moving on to another company in two weeks, and their sudden departure is going to put a significant dent in team productivity. The pressure is on to find their replacement on your own right away. But before you begin talent recruitment on your own by posting the role on a job board and face an overwhelming response in a down economy, consider these five reasons why working with a recruitment agency might be your best bet:

Tap into the Network of your Recruitment Agency

Perhaps the number one reason to engage an outside employment agency or recruitment agency is the networks that these professionals bring to bear. Because many recruiters specialize in a business sector or functional area, their web of talent is wide and layered. Few individuals spend more time building and nurturing their connections than recruiters – especially those with many years of experience and expertise. In addition to access to fresh talent actively looking to make a job move, recruiters also have the inside track to the most difficult to reach talent, the passive candidates. This pool of hidden talent is contentedly employed – often by your competitors – and may be ‘blind’ to job postings and ‘deaf’ to outreach from hiring managers. A reputable recruitment agency has established relationships with these candidates and are often more effective in getting them to consider an opportunity. Sometimes the passive candidate has never heard of your company or maybe would never have considered it as an employer. In these situations, the recruiter serves as your employment brand ambassador – talking up all the reasons your company is a great place to work.

Singular Focus, No Distractions

You’re probably a rock star at what you do for work. But is recruiting in your job description? And do you even have time for that? Last we checked, almost everyone is stretched pretty thin in today’s workplace. Your work hours should be spent delivering against your core competency and crushing your business objectives. Plus, remember, time is money. Your employment agency will deploy a talent recruitment process optimized for maximum efficiency and returns. This, along with their singular focus, will speed the time to hire.

Sifting, Screening, Attracting

There’s no question that technology and the Internet continue to make talent recruitment easier. That includes how simple it now is for applicants to respond to job openings on digital job boards or website postings. Imagine all those applications as seedlings in a field – a few of those might be beautiful flowers, but the majority are going to be weeds. Do you have the time and expertise to sort between the two? A single posting could generate hundreds to thousands of resume submissions – especially during high unemployment. A recruitment agency brings the required systems, processes, expertise and bandwidth to weed out the candidates that are the best match – from a skill, personality and company culture perspective. Don’t miss out on today’s talent opportunity by not having the support needed to recruit top available talent.

Real-time Talent Recruitment Intel

Because your employment agency has a finger on the job market pulse, recruiters are an endless source of the most up to date information on ways that jobs and skill sets are evolving, how employers are structuring job offers, and what might lure the most in-demand talent. Need help developing a job description? Want to benchmark salaries for open positions? Looking for talent recruitment intel on what your biggest competitor includes in their benefits package or how to setup the ideal candidate experience? Your recruitment agency is invaluable in helping scope out the most compelling employment proposition.

Hire Talent with Less Risk

A bad hire can be costly – in terms of money lost, time wasted, and team morale hurt. For a recruitment agency, it can also mean not being paid on the placement, as most reputable recruiters offer a guarantee on the search and hire. With skin in the game, this makes your employment agency highly motivated to make sure the candidates they present will be successful at your company. But, should you decide to recruit on your own, and the hire doesn’t work out, the breakdown falls on your shoulders. Ensure a great outcome and keep your reputation golden by wisely choosing an expert talent recruitment partner.

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