Steps to Becoming a Successful Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager Working

Whether you’re looking to pivot your career to social media, to expand upon your current career within the industry, or how to get freelance marketing work, 24 Seven is here to help. From tips for nailing your social media marketing job interview to the skills you need to stand out and succeed, and what trends you should be keeping a close eye on, we’re sharing everything you need to know to succeed in today’s digitally focused job market.

The Social Media Marketing Manager Breakdown

While social media marketing jobs will vary from company to company, the key responsibilities and requirements will often remain similar throughout. As a Social Media Manager, you will likely work hand in hand with both Marketing and Creative teams to compile assets, manage influencer relations, and create and execute clear campaign strategies for brand promotion across social channels. You will also work closely with Copywriters, Editors, and other professionals in critical Digital Marketing jobs to reinforce brand messaging pillars through promotional content that uses language and visuals that are both consistent and authentic.

How Do Companies Utilize Social Media Successfully?

Over the past years, social media marketing has had a huge impact on business growth and success. A strong social media presence can make all the difference for any brand, big or small, so investing in and utilizing stand-out social media talent remains ever important. In order to implement a social media strategy successfully, companies should remain both agile and on the beat. As a Social Media Manager, you’ll need to be ready to capitalize on trends that are gaining traction across social channels. An important point here is that while trends may come and go, you’ll want to focus on platforms that properly align with your brand. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’ll work for the company you represent. Lastly, utilizing trial and error in your approach to finding what works vs. what doesn’t work will help you better determine how the brand can be successful moving forward.

Tools, Trends, and Platforms Emerging in the Social Media Marketing Space

Staying on top of emerging trends and tools for success while seeking digital marketing jobs – especially your next social media marketing job – is one surefire way to stand out in a competitive job market. This is true for both freelance marketing and full-time roles. We spoke with Social Content and Influencer Relations Manager, Julia Weiner, who shared the top trends and tools that are most impactful in her day-to-day.

Trends –

With social media constantly evolving, the trends within are always changing so it’s important to stay informed. A successful Social Media Manager will test different trends and analyze the results to determine what strategy has the greatest impact.

  • Short-form video content (reels, blog content, podcasts, and TikTok)

  • The use of micro-influencers. It’s not always about partnering with an influencer who has the greatest following, but rather focusing on a smaller, more tailored strategy to show how your product can work for any and everyone.   

Tools –

The tools listed are all extremely beneficial within social media marketing, as they allow you to schedule content and better map out your feed for a clear future view.

  • DashHudson

  • Curalate

  • Sprout Social ​

Platforms –

While trending social media platforms will vary based on the industry you’re working in, it’s important to have a foundational understanding of each to diversify your skillset.

  • TikTok

  • Clubhouse

  • Pinterest

The Skills You Need to Be a Successful Social Media Marketing Manager

Brushing up on your skills, both hard and soft, will help aid in your success throughout your career. The hard skills that you should embody as a Social Media Manager include but are not limited to an ability to utilize graphic design capabilities, familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite, copywriting, data interpretation to track and measure campaign success, and fluency across all social channels. While these skills will help to provide you with a strong foundation in the social media marketing space, being a continuous learner and positioning yourself to both upskill and reskill will be essential when seeking out potential new social media marketing jobs.

While hard skills are often what appear most commonly in a job description, soft skills will also play a major role in your success as a Social Media Manager. The number one skill that every Social Media Manager should embody is agility. Being agile in this field will allow you to act quickly when needed, whether it be focusing on a new project or partnering with cross-functional teams at a moment’s notice. Social Media Managers should also possess strong attention to detail, patience, time management, and content capture capabilities.

Questions to Prepare For in Your Next Social Media Marketing Interview

Preparing for your next Social Media Marketing interview shouldn’t be a source of stress or panic, after all, you’ve got the knowledge and skillset that hiring managers are looking for most. To help you get ready for your next big interview, our marketing recruiters are sharing the questions you’ll likely be asked so you feel confident and prepared when the time comes.

  • If you had all the resources available to you, how would you create your dream campaign?

  • What brands are doing it right? What brands aren’t doing it right, and how would you change their approach?

  • How would you change our social strategy?

  • What skills are you working on strengthening?

As Social Media Marketing continues to grow and evolve, the demand for strong talent has never been higher. Continuing to upskill and reskill will not only make you a competitive candidate in a hot market but will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition and shine bright among hiring managers and recruiters alike. Looking for more social media marketing tips? Click here. Ready to find your dream Social Media Manager job? Click here!