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​Key Data-Driven Roles that Every Marketing Team Should Consider Hiring

Data Hires Are In Demand

Data, data everywhere. With more data coming at Marketers each and every day, forever. But how to turn this cloud of data that we move through daily into actionable insights for better decision-making? Marketing teams are increasingly hiring specialized data analysts and data scientists to solve this very problem.


While marketing will always be rooted in creativity and brand stewardship, data is essential for growth. High-quality data improves all kinds of marketing decisions:

  • Shaping strategy

  • Directing product development

  • Selecting and optimizing channels

  • Crystalizing resounding messages

  • Producing engaging content

  • Illuminating the consumer journey from awareness to purchase


Marketing teams need key data hires

A well-rounded modern marketing team is like a well-rounded brain: the creative right side and the numbers-driven left side. Marketing teams require members who make sense of the deluge of data to inform and predict marketing efforts. And who said data nerds aren’t creative? That’s implicit bias right there. Marketing data professionals bring artistry to their work – they consider using emerging data and existing insights in new and creative ways to unlock big marketing ideas and moves.

Looking to hire data analysts?


Hottest data-driven marketing hires that help brands dominate today and in the future

As recruiters, our clients on both the agency and corporate side are increasingly seeking data-driven hires to their marketing teams, including:


Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing Data Analysts bring expertise in both quantitative and qualitative market analysis. They identify and track critical key market data, commerce statistics, consumer trends, and competitive intel, and then interpret, organize, and present their findings to marketing decision-makers to hone over-arching strategies and specific tactics. Sometimes the Data Analyst role is more specifically aligned with a channel or platform. These titles might include E-commerce Data Analyst or Social Media Data Analyst. 


Data Scientist

While a Data Analyst analyzes what has happened in the market or is happening, a Data Scientist uses sophisticated science to predict the future based on past and current data. They use high-level analytic techniques and mathematical modeling (for example, various regression analysis and cluster modeling), along with cutting-edge technology (like AI and machine learning) to envisage what is on the horizon or what might happen if variables are manipulated. Marketers rely on Data Scientists to test hypotheses and predict consumer behavior and preferences (from products to content to channels and competitive offerings), allowing for strategic recalibrations at a lower risk.


Performance Marketer

Performance Marketers track the performance of a brand’s online marketing strategy and advertising investments. They plan campaigns, test messaging, manage digital initiatives, and optimize paid marketing channels based on performance. They collect and analyze metrics on the company’s spend across native advertising, social media advertising, search engine advertising, and any affiliate or paid sponsorships. Performance is measured by pre-determined desired action -- a click, a lead, or a purchase. 


SEO Specialist

Using web data to improve performance, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist elevates their company’s website ranking and improves visibility across search engines, and increases website traffic. SEO specialists use analytics to determine keywords and phrases that will accomplish visibility, awareness, and traffic goals and make recommendations about the type of content that will optimize performance.


If you’re looking to harness the power of your data, level up your modeling, or improve the performance of your digital marketing investment, reach out. We have an extensive network of brilliant data experts looking to help brands grow. The demand for marketing talent is on the rise, let us help you make your next full-time or freelance hire.