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10 Tips to Ace Your Next Marketing Job Interview

Marketing Interview

You’ve updated your resume and cover letter, scoured the internet applying to digital marketing and marketing jobs, utilized your network, and now you’ve landed the interview. It’s time to boost your interviewing skills and move onto the next level - the job offer. Are you ready? Our marketing recruiters want you to feel prepared and confident when going into any interview and we’ve got 10 tips to help you ace your next marketing job interview!

Tip #1: Do Your Research 

This is probably the most important tip - do your due diligence prior to the interview and research the company in depth. Start by looking through their website and understanding the company. Pay close attention to the products or services they provide. Many companies showcase their current projects on their blog or news tab - get to know what they are currently working on. Always look through their social media presence, understand the platforms they use the most, and what their brand is like. Finally, ensure you fully understand the requirements for the marketing jobs you are applying to and can speak to your qualifications. During the interview process, show the hiring manager you understand their company thoroughly. 

Tip #2: Leverage Your Experience

Before the interview, refresh your memory with your own professional experiences. Go through your resume and list out the projects you have spearheaded, the times your innovative idea was successful, and when you’ve needed to problem solve. Every interview should be an opportunity to leverage your experience in context of the digital marketing jobs or marketing jobs you are applying for, whether you’re meeting with the hiring manager or marketing recruiter. An easy way to do this is by prepping a specific experience to talk about for each requirement of the position. Not only does this show you understand the position and its responsibilities fully, but that you’ve also got the experience for the position.  

Tip #3: Quantify Your Success

Stories and experiences are great, but numbers tend to stand out more, particularly for digital marketing jobs. Back up your success and experience with data and metrics. Tell the interviewer how much profit you generated for your current company, explain how many advertisement clicks were generated from your ad campaigns, and how many followers you gained on the social channels you managed. In interviews for marketing jobs, numbers can be more convincing when proving the value you will bring to the company. 

Tip #4: Stay Up-to-Date with Current Trends 

The marketing industry is ever changing and it’s crucial that you’re up-to-date with the newest trends. While in your interview, showcase your knowledge about the latest digital tools and trends in consumer behavior. This will not only show threcruiter that you’re in the know, but it will also confirm why they hire marketers - to understand and reach the target consumer. 

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Certifications 

Boost your CV by taking advantage of free online certifications. Everyone is looking to have a leg-up on the digital marketing competition and this is one way you can do that. There are a number of online certifications for platforms like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Google Ads, and HubSpot. Use these certifications to get a deeper understanding of the tools being used throughout various marketing jobs and to demonstrate your interest and expertise in these tools during the interview. 

Tip #6: Ask Thoughtful Questions 

Every interview should feel like a conversation - while each interviewer is asking you questions, you should also certainly ask questions in return as well. Prior to the interview, during your company research, make a list of thoughtful questions that highlight the research you’ve done and your understanding of the company. Your questions should also showcase your interest in the role and demonstrate your marketing expertise.

Tip #7: Get Your Social Media in Check

Today, 93% of employers use social media to screen interview candidates before or after their interviews. This is a crucial place to underscore the expertise you’d bring to digital marketing jobs and showcase how you market yourself. Prior to any interview, ensure your social media platforms highlight your experience and work in a positive light. Marketing recruiters will not only be looking at LinkedIn - they may screen your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to get an idea of your background. Make sure your social media is a positive extension of your resume. 

Tip #8: Look the Part

No matter if your interview is via Zoom or in-person, dress for the position. Additionally, if the company is more fashion forward, do your best to dress accordingly. Along with wearing a professional outfit, ensure your background is prepped for virtual interviews. That means a plain background, a quiet area, and a fully charged computer with good WiFi. Even these small details can set you apart in a virtual interview. 

Tip #9: Prove That You’d be an Asset

Along with leveraging your experience and quantifying your success, prove to the interviewer that you will be an asset to their company. A great way to do this is by explaining to employers how you see yourself helping the company in the first 90 days, offering them a proposal based on your employment. Highlight how you will be an asset in their upcoming projects, your ideas for improvement or growth, and how you see yourself fitting into this marketing job and their team. 

Tip #10: Be Confident

Last but certainly not least, be confident in the interview. You are the expert on your own experiences and strengths, so show that with confidence. Employers want to hire marketers who can confidently lead their next marketing campaign, so it’s important to bring this energy to your interview. Whether it is an initial phone interview, a virtual interview or an in-person meeting, carry and speak about yourself with confidence and prove that you belong at the company. 

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