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Considering Making the Switch to Freelance? Take These Steps First

Find a Freelance Job

The pandemic and the uncertainty it brought caused massive changes in the workforce landscape. One of the most noticeable changes was the shift in people opting for freelance jobs over traditional full-time roles. In the last year and a half, Freelance recruiters are finding themselves helping more people seeking freelance employment opportunities as they navigate through their job search.  

Fulltime jobs were once considered strong in their job stability, however, the pandemic has shifted that idea. With job seekers looking for increased flexibility and control over when and where they work, freelance jobs offer a solution that is gaining in popularity in today’s evolving job market.

While the idea of a freelance job may seem intimidating at first, the prospect comes with an amazing set of long-term benefits that seem to be pandemic-proof. The freelance recruiters at 24 Seven are offering crucial advice on how to get ready for a career in freelancing, with 4 important steps to help you get started in finding your next freelance job:

Plan Your Career Path to Grow Your Skillset

Decide what path you want to focus your career trajectory on. It will help you narrow down where your strengths lie and how to grow your existing skillset. It’s important that you plan ahead so you can focus on upskilling your knowledge and improving your skills in a way that will benefit you as you expand your freelance career. The better your skillset, the easier it will be to stay on top of the competitive freelance job market and land the jobs you desire most. Research the top freelance jobs in your field and then assess your current skillset accordingly to help set your freelance career up for success.

Decide Your Freelance Rate

Freelancing offers the opportunity to set up your own rate. Consider your skillset and decide whether you will charge by the hour or per project to determine your rate evaluation properly. Create a freelance contract agreement as well as a freelance invoice template that reflects your rate accurately. When deciding your freelance rate, keep in mind is that you will be in charge of your own insurance and paying for the necessary equipment and resources you will need to do your job out of pocket. For example, if you are a freelance graphic designer, you should have the correct licenses to install the appropriate software needed on your computer to do your job – a cost that may come directly out of your pocket. These kinds of costs need to be taken into consideration when setting your desired rate for your freelance job to ensure you’re being paid fairly for the work you’ll be doing.

Time Management in a Freelance Schedule 

As a freelancer, you might end up with more than one freelance job that will require a disciplined approach to your time and schedule. While a freelance job provides you with freedom and flexibility rarely seen in full-time jobs, it is vital to stay on top of your time management as a freelancer. From prioritizing your tasks to determining a schedule that utilizes your time wisely, it’s important to sharpen your time management skills to excel as a freelancer.

Get In Touch With a Freelance Recruiter

A freelance recruiter can make an enormous difference when it comes to looking for a freelance job. Whether you are looking to supplement your current income or looking for your first freelance job, a freelance recruiter will help guide you and be your best advocate when it comes to finding employment that lines up with your career goals. As experts in the field of freelance jobs, a 24 Seven freelance recruiter can help you land opportunities and assignments that will add to your skillset and make you stand out in an ever-growing competitive pool of talent.

At 24 Seven, our freelance recruiters will review your resume or portfolio with you and give you helpful points on how to strategically plan your freelance career path. Make sure to discuss with them the kind of assignments that will help develop your current skillset and the rate at which you are most comfortable working at. No one knows the freelance job market better than a freelance recruiter so leverage their expertise to find the best opportunities for yourself that will elevate your career and set you up for success in your field. A freelance recruiter will not only offer you the correct advice, but they will also actively line up freelance jobs for you that align with your career path in the long run.

While the shift to freelance may be new to you, we hope these steps help you in searching for your next freelance job. With the help of a freelance recruiter and some careful planning, your freelance career could prove to be the right step in staying gainfully employed and ahead of the talent curve as businesses begin to explore the benefits of adding freelance talent to their growing teams. Click here to explore all our freelance opportunities today!