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Freelance usage is trending due to the pandemic. Here’s why companies might want expert guidance when hiring freelance talent.

Hire Freelancers

Freelancers and independent contractors became an attractive headcount freeze workaround when the pandemic first hit. For many companies, budgets were cut, but workloads were not (especially for companies scrambling to digitize to reach locked down customers).

Today, companies are turning to gig workers for an additional reason: a white-hot candidate-favoring hiring market. Brands everywhere are being challenged to fill both existing and new openings, as job seekers are more discerning than ever about the next destination on their career journey.

 While an employer may decide to go it alone when hiring freelancers, there are several solid reasons why working with a specialized recruiter is a better bet. Here are a few to consider:

Talent Everywhere. Employment Law Everywhere.

The good news for employers hiring freelancers more is that, due to the remote work experiment necessitated by the pandemic, they can cast a wider geographic net for temporary talent. But that comes with a new set of headaches, as each state has its own employment regulations. Several states have specific laws in place to protect gig workers. A freelance recruiter at 24 Seven can help hiring managers stay compliant.

Worker Misclassification Can Be Costly

Is that team member truly an independent contractor or a W-2 employee? That is the question. When companies hire freelancers or independent contractors on their own, they also risk misclassification. For example, if a freelancer is working for a company full-time and has no other clients – can they still be considered independent? Inquiring regulators might want to know. Why? Because if State or Federal employment authorities find that a business is misclassifying its workforce, that company can be hit with both civil and criminal penalties. Working with a specialized freelance recruiter through a staffing agency is a better choice – because they take on the risk as the employer of record.

Expert, Reliable Freelancers Can Be Hard to Find

In 2020 alone, 59 million people were working as freelancers in the US. That number is projected to climb to 86.5 million by 2027. It may seem counterintuitive, but hiring managers can find it challenging to identify and secure the right freelancer within a growing pool of gig workers. Screening and vetting freelancers is just as crucial as it is when making a full-time hire. There’s a lot of rough to go through before the diamond is found. That’s why working with a specialized freelance recruiter from 24 Seven is the answer. Our ever-growing network of pre-qualified expert freelancers saves companies time and money – we have a proven process for matching freelance talent to each client’s project, skillset, and company culture requirements.

If you’re increasingly relying on freelancers to advance your company goals, congratulations – you’re right on trend! But with so much on your plate already, why not let someone else take on the challenge of finding and hiring the right freelancers (plus manage the myriad regulatory and legal considerations). Your to-do list is long enough. Contact one of our freelance recruiters now to start hiring.