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​There are a variety of reasons an employer might consider using a temp-to-hire recruitment strategy. Whether it’s a hiring freeze for full-timers or a specialized skill gap on your team, adopting a temp-to-hire model can be of tremendous value to any organization. This is especially true for leaders in the creative, marketing, tech, fashion, beauty, and retail sectors who are constantly juggling mission-critical projects alongside seasonal workload spikes (and unexpected high-priority requests).

But first, what exactly does “temp-to-hire” mean? While it can vary by organization, typically temp-to-hire means bringing talent in on a temporary basis with an option to keep them aboard full-time.

Hiring can be a cumbersome process for employers, whether that be for temporary talent or full-time employees. And hiring an employee who ends up not working out can cause significant headaches for employers. By bringing aboard temp-to-hire talent, both parties can give the working relationship a trial run to make sure it is a good fit on both sides, helping curtail quick and costly turnover.

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Following are some of the top benefits of hiring temp-to-hire talent. 


Utilizing a flexible temp-to-hire staffing strategy gives managers the opportunity to make sure all must-do work is completed on time, while also being able to assess longer-term staffing needs.

Tapping temp-to-hire talent can be especially helpful for a company looking to test out a new role in situations where gaining approval for a full-timer would be challenging or time-intensive. Likewise, temp-to-hire talent can be brought in to help fill gaps when a core team member is out on leave.

Working with temp-to-hire workers does not require the same type of commitment from employers, granting them more flexibility to hire talent only for as long as needed.  


A temp-to-hire approach allows employers to assess a person’s performance – to gauge their professional skills and overall ability to make meaningful contributions to the organization – without any type of long-term commitment if the fit is not mutually beneficial. By the end of the trial period, both parties will have a clearer understanding of whether a permanent position would be a good fit, leading to more informed decision-making and potentially higher job satisfaction and retention rates in the long run.


Whether an organization is dealing with a temporary hiring freeze or just an extremely busy stretch, temp-to-hire talent can ease the burden on a company’s core team members by helping prevent burnout when workloads (and stress levels) are at their peak. 

In addition to lifting some pressure off existing employees, temp-to-hire talent can add a fresh perspective that can help organizations strategize new solutions to problems. Bottom line: Bringing in temp-to-hire talent can help protect core teams from hefty workloads, and it’s a great way for employers to boost morale and show their staff that they care. 


Working with specialized temp-to-hire agencies, like 24 Seven, for example, can also help employers save time recruiting, screening, and setting up interviews with potential candidates. And if an employer chooses to convert a temp-to-hire worker to a full-time employee, the team at 24 Seven can help easily guide you through the process.

Chances are if your organization is looking for temp-to-hire talent, you have a position you need to fill fast, and the specialized recruiters at 24 Seven can help you do just that. The recruiters at 24 Seven have a high level of expertise in the creative, marketing, tech, fashion, beauty, and retail industries and understand the nuances of temp-to-hire arrangements. 24 Seven is tapped into a wide network of highly skilled professionals in these fields. We work closely with clients during every step of the process – from assessing business needs to sourcing talent. If your organization is curious about exploring temp-to-hire staffing arrangements, contact our recruiters today!

This post was updated April 17, 2024.