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Best way to find employees

Employers looking for marketing, creative, and digital talent are keenly aware of one constant reality: Hiring can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive.

From sourcing talent to setting up interviews and onboarding – the process from start to finish can require a lot of effort. This is why it’s paramount that you take the steps necessary to find the best talent for your organization's specific needs and foster a hiring process that prioritizes the candidate experience.

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Following are some hiring best practices to help you simplify your search for top talent:


When bringing in marketing, creative, and digital professionals, you have plenty of options to consider. Do you need a full-timer? A freelancer? Or is temp-to-hire an option?

If you need a marketing professional, do you want someone to help with overall marketing strategy and execution, or are you looking for someone to focus on a niche such as content management or influencer marketing, for example?

Likewise, if you need a creative expert, do you need a more senior leader, like a creative director, to manage a larger creative department, or do you need a graphic designer, UX designer or AI specialist to join your marketing team?

Additionally, consider whether the person you’re hiring can work remotely or if a hybrid or in-person work arrangement is preferred.


Creating a job description that gives candidates a concise and accurate overview of the role is one of the best ways to find employees with the experience and qualifications needed for the job.

The job description will be the candidates' first introduction to your company, similarly to how a candidate's resume is often your first introduction to them. As such, you'll want to make a lasting and positive first impression.

Begin by providing a high-level description of the role, outlining the primary responsibilities and expectations. Next, delve into the specific skills and experience desired from candidates, ensuring clarity and specificity. In addition, provide a thorough breakdown of the core day-to-day responsibilities, giving potential applicants a clear understanding of the role's scope. It is also helpful to note the long-term goals associated with the position, illustrating opportunities for growth and advancement. 

Including information about company culture, values, and any unique perks and benefits can help attract candidates who align with your organization’s ethos.

Ensuring the job description is well-structured, easy to read, and free from errors is critical, enabling potential candidates to understand the position clearly and make an informed decision about applying.


When it comes time to interview candidates, remember it’s a two-way street. The interview is an opportunity for you to make the case for why the candidate should want to work with your organization.

Consider kicking off the interview by sharing essential details about the company and an overview of the position. This sets the stage for a productive conversation and helps candidates understand the context and expectations.

From there, you can get into the meat of the interview by asking questions that help you assess the candidate's hard and soft skills, and allows them to elaborate on their professional experience and expertise.

Allowing time for candidates to ask their own questions is invaluable. This not only provides them an opportunity to gather more information about the position but can also offer insights into their level of preparation and genuine interest in your organization. By creating space for candidate inquiries, you gain a deeper understanding of their motivation and the effort they invested in researching the company.

Further, whether the interview is in-person, over the phone, or via Zoom, it is imperative that you create a comfortable and welcoming environment. Respect the interviewee’s time by starting and ending as scheduled. Be an active and engaged listener and give candidates the time they need to answer your queries and ask any follow-up questions they might have.


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