Wearable Wednesday – FitBit

  We’ve been bringing you Wearable Wednesday each week, discussing if wearable technology is sustainable for the masses and celebrating our favorite items and companies. With every stride towards progress comes

Fashion In A Digital World

[wpvideo qYninM0I] Where do fashion and digital intersect? In this ever evolving digital world, all careers will experience the “digital disruption.” Check out our panel of experts as they discuss

Google + Hangouts!

Question of the Week [#QOW] We asked: “Do teammates need to be onsite for successful collaboration or can it be achieved with remote teammates?” Over 75% of you said that

#QOW Double Feature

THIS WEEK we asked: Do you feel overwhelmed by the need to stay current with rapidly evolving skill sets? [#QOW] We received so many responses and more than half of you