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Fashion Director - Public Relations

Job title: Fashion Director - Public Relations
Contract type: Full-time
Location: New York
Industry: Fashion
Remote: No
Salary: $110,000/year - $130,000/year
Reference: 459685
Contact name: Adrianna Rabusin

Job description

Our client is looking for a PR Director in the fashion vertical. Ideally seeking a confident, enthusiastic, and experienced leader. Applicants must have a minimum of 7 years of experience in executing PR and communications activities. They should also have a deep understanding of the Fashion + Retail industry, along with the ability to effectively manage teams, provide guidance to clients, and achieve desired outcomes.

Who you are:
• Confident and charismatic: Our directors at are the energetic leaders of their respective divisions - strong communication skills are essential in this role. You must possess the ability to effectively speak, write, present, and communicate in a way that commands the respect of your clients and motivates your teams.
• Industry savviness: A deep understanding of the industry is crucial for success in this position. You must possess comprehensive knowledge of the Fashion + Retail industry, including its market position, trends, and direction.
• Industry Connections: Must have extensive connections and strong relationships across various media verticals. Additionally, you should have established connections with influencers who have the ability to positively impact the brands under your representation.
• Managerial competence: As the Director, you will have the responsibility of overseeing the work and output of an entire division. This entails successfully operating under pressure, meeting tight deadlines, and effectively managing multiple projects simultaneously.

What you’ll do:
Management: You will have the crucial role of overseeing an entire division, which may include up to ten clients. It is essential for you to have a comprehensive understanding of how each account is performing at any given moment. Additionally, you will be expected to provide support, brainstorm ideas, and take necessary actions to enhance the impact and success of each client's initiatives.
Strategy: Responsible for providing continuous strategic guidance to both clients and team members. Your input and recommendations should be based on thorough data analysis, extensive research, and a deep understanding of the current cultural landscape. This will enable you to offer valuable insights and ensure that your strategies are aligned with market trends and client objectives.
Prioritize: Set account priorities and communicate them accurately and efficiently to team members
Analysis: Work to define and analyze target markets and know how to position your clients to create a unique product identity.
Execute: You will develop and lead strategic client programs with creativity and innovation. Your industry connections and credibility will allow you to bring these ideas to life.
Client Correspondence: As the primary point of contact for clients in your division, you will serve as a liaison between them and your teams. It is your responsibility to relay feedback, both positive and negative, to your reports in a way that can be acted upon.

Salary: $110,000-$130,000/year DOE
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Expired job

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