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Software Engineer

Job title: Software Engineer
Contract type: Freelance
Location: Cupertino
Industry: Technology
Remote: No
Salary: $75-$80/HR
Reference: 460097
Contact name: Jennifer Cano

Job description

Job Description:

We are currently seeking a skilled and experienced Software Engineer to join our client’s team.
As a Software Engineer, your main responsibility will be to work on two projects related to game content dataset creation and image playback system development. These projects are critical for the advancement of our gaming technology and will require expertise in game engine work, graphics/rendering subsystems, and general software development skills.

Project Descriptions:

1. Game Content Dataset:
- Create dense datasets of frames from various popular game types (Strategic/Moba, racing, first-person, cinematic).
- Capture datasets in-game or out-of-game using assets or similar tools.
- Ensure temporal accuracy of animations and timestamps on frames.
- Capture frames at different resolutions (1k/2k/4k/8k) with precise timestamping.
- Store frames with near-lossless compression.
- Additional frame data such as depth map, velocity map, and stereoscopic capture is desirable but not strictly required.

2. Image Playback System:
- Develop an application for displaying frames/images from the dataset created in the "Game Content Dataset" project.
- Utilize the Apple Metal API for full-screen 3D application development.
- Display selected frames according to a predetermined sequence and timing.
- Camera position may be fixed or free to slightly move around/reproject/warp.
- Ensure high frame throughput and precision of display time.
- Include identification markers (QR code or magic pixel values) for verification purposes.

Skills Required:

- Proficiency in game engine work, with experience in at least one modern high-performance game engine (e.g., Unity, Unreal, or other).
- Understanding of lower-level aspects of graphics/rendering subsystems (buffer swap, present, frame setup) in at least one low-level API such as DirectX, Vulcan, or Metal (preference to Metal).
- Strong general software development skills.
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Expired job

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