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Senior Software Engineer

Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Contract type: Full-time
Location: Miami
Remote: No
Salary: 120K to 170K
Reference: 450802
Contact name: Adrienne Salzwedel-Bass

Job description

The ideal candidate is a self-motivated, multi-tasker, and demonstrated team-player. You will be a lead developer responsible for the development of new software products and enhancements to existing products. You should excel in working with large-scale applications and frameworks and have outstanding communication and leadership skills.

Location: Miami, FL. Candidates must be comfortable going on-site in Florida once a month

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Orchestrating the complete software development life cycle (SDLC) with precision and expertise.
  • Crafting insightful flowcharts, layouts, and documentation to discern requirements and innovative solutions.
  • Crafting meticulous, testable code with a focus on robustness and efficiency.
  • Generating detailed specifications while evaluating operational feasibility.
  • Coalescing software components seamlessly into a fully operational software system.
  • Devising comprehensive software verification plans and implementing rigorous quality assurance procedures.
  • Documenting and vigilantly preserving software functionality for future reference.
  • Methodically troubleshooting, debugging, and enhancing existing systems to ensure optimal performance.
  • Deploying meticulously developed programs and earnestly evaluating user feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Adhering to project plans and upholding industry standards with unwavering commitment.
  • Ensuring software remains up-to-date with cutting-edge features for sustained relevance.
  • Leading and nurturing junior team members to foster a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.
  • Establishing effective communication channels with vendors for outsourced projects.


  • Cultivated application development experience in esteemed Financial, Fintech, Clearing, or trade firms.
  • Proficiency in diverse programming languages, including Go Lang, Java, JavaScript, Python (C++ expertise is advantageous).
  • Demonstrated track record as a seasoned Software Engineer, Software Developer, and adept Team Lead.
  • Proven ability in designing engaging and interactive applications.
  • In-depth knowledge of relational databases and SQL.
  • Hands-on experience developing web applications utilizing popular frameworks (React, Angular, Flutter, or Spring MVC, etc.).
  • Well-versed in Agile environments, ensuring adaptability and responsiveness.
  • Mastery of software engineering tools for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Proficient in documenting comprehensive requirements and specifications.
  • Possession of a BSc degree or above in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant fields. 
  • Proactive and forward-thinking mindset, dedicated to perpetual growth and innovative solutions.
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Expired job

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