Apparently This is What the Ideal Workplace Looks Like – Do You Agree?

Ideal Workplace

Every year 24 Seven conducts job market studies that helps us deliver valuable insights to our candidates and clients. In a recent report, we were interested to learn how employees assess the ideal workplace. Respondents said the following dimensions mattered most when it came to a workplace being "ideal": a reasonable salary, perks and benefits, career growth, great company culture, a trustworthy relationship between the employer and its employees, work/life balance, and professional development. Is this what your ideal workplace looks like? We drilled down to develop a deeper understanding of the perceived ideal workplace.

Ideal Workplace Trait #1: "My salary is just right."

In our Job Market Report, 81% of workers reported a higher salary would make or break their perception of the workplace as ideal. If employers can't pay, employees might not stick around too long. Employees who said their workplace was ideal also felt their company's financial performance was transparent. Perhaps, more company revenue = more job stability for employees. However there are other workplace factors employees would consider if the salary doesn't cut it.

Ideal Workplace Trait #2: "My company offers great perks & benefits."

Traditional benefits are consistently at the top of the employee checklist when it comes to the ideal workplace. Workers want to know that they're well taken care of in the case of an accident, family emergency, and/or when they go to retire. According to our study, 78% of employees sited traditional benefits as critical to a company being perceived as ideal. Employees also said unconventional office perks were an additional bonus. When companies came up short on compensation, perks like flexibility, free meals, wellness benefits and unlimited PTO, could help make up the difference.

Ideal Workplace Trait #3: "I have plenty of opportunities to grow in my career."

Professional career advancement was the next dimension sited by employees when thinking of the ideal workplace. 74% of those surveyed said career progression/advancement opportunity was a driving factor in their overall engagement. Workers who feel they've found their ideal workplace have a clearer sense than most about what their potential career path options are and have access to training and upskilling opportunities. This growth goes beyond getting an annual promotion. Whether it's climbing up the corporate ladder, taking on more responsibility, or making a lateral move within the company to gain valuable, additional experience, these employees have options.

Ideal Workplace Trait #4: "I fit right in with my team's culture."

When it comes to the ideal workplace, culture comes in at a close 4th, with 72% of workers seeking a professional culture match. We’ve seen year after year how vital culture fit is to employee engagement and happiness. When an employee feels like they mesh with their company and team they may even feel satisfied when salary requirements aren't met because they feel they matter, get along with their immediate team(s), and are contributing to something meaningful. Our recruiters compare staffing to professional matchmaking. And it's unlikely you'll find the right cultural fit on the first interview but that's what 24 Seven is here for!

Ideal Workplace Trait #5: "My company nurtures a trustworthy relationship with its employees."

What does the ideal company/employee relationship look like? Our survey respondents want a relationship built on trust and transparency. Whether it’s career path transparency or open communication regarding changes to company policy, employees want to know what’s going on from the top down. On the flip side employees also want to feel heard on issues that matter to them most. The ideal workplace is one that values trust.

Ideal Workplace Trait #6: "My company is committed to helping employees achieve work/life balance."

65% of employees said an ideal workplace was one in which the employer demonstrates a commitment to employee work/life balance. Flexibility is always an important goal to employees participating in our job market research.

Ideal Workplace Trait #7: “I appreciate my company’s level of communication & transparency.”

Employees who cited communication level and transparency as key to an ideal workplace, feel expectations, policies and procedures, etc. are shared thoroughly and respectfully. 64% of employees felt communication and transparency were key. These workers don’t question their company’s values and what they stand for because it has already been clearly communicated and honored day in and day out.

Ideal Workplace Trait #8: "My company offers professional development to keep my skills sharp."

Lastly, employees crave professional development. Employees who feel they are continually growing professionally are extremely engaged and are more likely to note their workplace as ideal. Out of the extremely engaged employees, 58% of them said their company offers professional development opportunities to keep their skills sharp. These opportunities might range from in-house training to attending outside conferences or trade shows, or pursuing higher education. 

While these dimensions of the ideal workplace were the most popular among our recent survey participants, finding the exact right blend will vary from individual to individual. Our recruiters are experts at matching candidates to their ideal job. To learn how they do it click here. And for more tips on securing your next job click here.