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2024 Salary Guide: Unveiling the Key Drivers of Today's Employment Market

Salary Guide

Curious about what’s driving job seekers and employers in today’s rapidly evolving work environment? Our 2024 Salary Guide: Compensation and Benefits report has the answers. We surveyed 2,501 professionals across the Marketing, Creative, Tech, Fashion, Beauty, and Retail industries to uncover the key factors shaping the employment landscape. Here’s a sneak peek at what we discovered:

Yep, Money Still Matters Most

Financial compensation takes the crown as the top priority for job seekers, outshining factors like remote work options, health benefits, work-life balance, and company reputation. In fact, 31% of respondents reported being dissatisfied with their current compensation, and of those, 52% are likely to leave as a result. Moreover, while 86% of employees anticipate a raise sometime in 2024, only 33% reported a pay increase in 2023, a sharp drop from 74% in 2022.

Beyond the Paycheck: The Benefits Balancing Act

Benefits and perks heavily influence job seeker decisions, with 74% of respondents citing them as a key factor. However, rising costs are a growing concern, with 41% of employees reporting an increase in their share of benefits expenses.

Full-Timers Taking on Side Hustles: The New Normal 

The freelance economy is booming as full-time employees embrace side gigs to boost income and expand skills. In 2024, 66% of surveyed employees took on freelance projects alongside their primary jobs, a notable increase from 52% in 2023 and more than double the 32% figure from 2022.

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