The Unexpected ROI Of Creative Staffing Agencies

The Unexpected ROI Of Creative Staffing Agencies Recruitment Agency

Hiring is one of the most important decisions that a business can make: the right hire can amplify performance and transform a business, while the wrong one can be a drag on growth for months or years to come. Unfortunately, finding the right candidate isn’t always easy. In a job market that changes constantly, finding, screening, and onboarding a candidate is a costly and time-consuming process. At 24 Seven, we help world-class brands find and hire the right top talent in a range of industries, and we’ve seen time and again that there’s an unexpected ROI to using a creative staffing agency when hiring new employees.

How Recruitment Agencies Generate ROI

We understand how this may sound counterintuitive. The hiring process can already get expensive, so how would paying for a creative staff agency generate a positive ROI?

Save time on the interview process

In the long run, working with a recruitment agency is the smarter, more cost-effective choice. Engaging a creative staffing agency means you’ll never waste time interviewing unfit candidates. Recruiting agencies, such as 24 Seven, perform extensive screenings and interviews of talent pools, ensuring top-level talent that are a good match with the role and company. This means you avoid the time suck of sifting through countless resumes of unqualified candidates.

Onboard with ease

Working with a creative staffing agency will also make the onboarding process easier. Top-of-the-line creative freelancers and professionals are able to hit the ground running. There’s always a learning curve, but you’ll spend less time & resources on training, helping you see results and ROI faster. And many staffing agencies handle the payroll for freelancers saving you a headache.

Successful match

Engaging a creative recruitment agency means you can feel confident in the candidate you hire. While all companies try their best to properly screen employees, the interview process is notoriously unreliable, and it’s always possible to make a bad hire – something that can easily cost your business tens of thousands of dollars and months of lost productivity. At 24 Seven, we get to know our candidates from both a skill and cultural perspective, so you can rest assured you’re getting a good long-term fit.

H2 Hire Expert Creative Talent & Freelancers Today

It may seem counterintuitive but working with a creative staffing agency is one of the best ways to streamline your hiring process and generate meaningful ROI. So, what are you waiting for? At 24 Seven, we’ve built a comprehensive global network of some of the best creative professionals and freelancers: find your perfect hire today.