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Essentials for Acing the Interview

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Guest Post by Tammy Chatkin-Newman

Approaching the interview process in all the right ways is vital and sometimes that means doing the little things that most people neglect to do. In today’s marketplace, exceptional thinkers, creatives, innovators, strategists, visionaries and experts are highly sought after. To that point, it’s key to capitalize on your soft skills [tenacity, eagerness, cultural fit, willingness, etc.]  If you’re new to the job market, these types of skills can be greatly overlooked but in the long run can be a strong indicator to an employer that you’re the better fit overall for the job at hand. Know your soft skills, and sell them! Along with your soft skills, your hard skills should be packaged within a resume that has the ability to communicate who you are in 20 seconds or less. Many times I come across resumes that are filled with “fluff” rather than substantial information. Overall, a resume should not be too wordy, and it should be easy to read and should clearly identify a candidate’s skill set and accomplishments. Now let’s talk technology for just a bit. From Skype or video interviews, digital portfolios and the emergence of video resumes, technology has evolved to be a very important aspect of the interview process. What does this mean? The more you prepare yourself for the interview, the better you will be at translating your presence within a digital environment. Here are a few other critical “Do’s and Don’ts” for the Interview Process:


  • Research the company.

  • Be on time.

  • Be confident.

  • Be able to sell yourself in a tactful manner.

  • Articulate your skills and what makes you right for the job.

  • Be likeable.

Take pride in the work you’re presenting.


  • Bad mouth anyone.

  • Fib within an interview.

  • Present a portfolio that isn’t updated.

  • Have pages falling out of your portfolio.

  • Show up looking underdressed; you should appear polished, put together & clean.

Finally, know your own strengths and weaknesses. Be realistic. There are different jobs for different stages of life. Know what is important to you. Be prepared and make sure you have the answer to what makes you stand out amongst the rest!

About the Author

Tammy Chatkin-Newman is the Executive Vice President of Global Search at 24 Seven. In 2001, Tammy established 24 Seven’s West Coast presence, which has grown tremendously. Tammy is a vital, practice leader at 24 Seven, specializing in the recruitment of exceptional talent for global fashion and retail brands.