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6 Signs You Were Born to Be a Leader

Leadership advice

Whether you are looking for a career growth opportunity or you just want to speed up your path to a leadership position, check out these 6 qualities that all good leaders possess.

You Are Eager To Learn

Everyone who is in a leadership position in the world started from the beginning. Regardless of what may have been inherited, all leaders need to prove themselves through their confidence, strategic mindset, and eagerness to learn. Young leaders absorb advice like a sponge and are constantly seeking new ways to improve their practice and gain new skills, making eagerness to learn a primary leadership quality. 

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You Have Strong Communication Skills

Many people mistake this leadership quality to mean that a leader should be loud or abrasive in their communication style. In reality, a true leader’s communication skills have more to do with listening than they have to do with speaking. Great leadership means being able to speak both powerfully and compassionately, and actively listening and paying attention to others. 

You Are A Team Player And Able To Collaborate

Another misconstrued leadership quality is your ability to work in groups. As opposed to the typical conception of a leader as dominant and authority-wielding, a good leader always has help getting to the top. One of the primary ways to achieve this kind of career growth is to make allies through collaboration and mutual benefit. You are always the leader of your own network, it is just a question of whether that network recognizes the leadership qualities in you. 

You Are An Independent Mind

Also known as “zig-zagging”, people in leadership positions tend to think strategically instead of obeying the whims of the day’s tastes and trends. If everybody knows something is popular, chances are that you aren’t going to set yourself apart by participating in it. Instead, leaders achieve career growth by moving against the current and reaping the benefits of the path less traveled. 

Recognizing Leadership In Others

If you are a leader, you always have an eye out for other natural-born leaders so you can learn from them and possibly benefit from your relationship. Part of showing your own leadership skills and confidence is being able to recognize other leaders and pay respect where it is due. By acknowledging another leader’s presence, you set yourselves apart from the group and open up a line of communication through which the two of you can profit. 

Keep Your Head High

People in leadership positions are able to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance. Effective leaders must be the calm guiding force that others can rely on. This doesn’t mean being emotionless or impervious to negative feelings, it just means using that energy to push towards a positive outcome at all times. 

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