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10 Motivational Podcasts For Your Morning Commute

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Podcasts are taking the world by storm, and it's little wonder why. A few taps on a screen, and you have direct access to the thoughts, philosophies, ideas, and strategies of some of the most powerful, high-performing people in the world – all during your regular morning commute. At 24 Seven, our mission is to empower you to build your dream career, and while most of that entails being a comprehensive resource and recruitment agency to help you find the perfect job, we're here to help make every part of your life a little more optimal. We've touched on podcasts briefly in the past, but no we want to share the top 10 motivational podcasts that are guaranteed to jump-start your day, increase your productivity at work, and help you reach your full potential, all on your way to work.

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1. The #AskGaryVee Show

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and social media maven, obsessed with the hustle, who went from poverty level to a $10 million net worth. He won’t take your excuses and holds nothing back in his #AskGaryVee Show podcast. Warning: You’ll want to wear headphones for his uncensored episodes and YouTube channel as he expresses his passionate personality with plenty of expletives – but it's exactly what you need shake yourself out of your routine and start achieving your dreams.

2. #GIRLBOSS Radio

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso went from selling vintage clothing on eBay to running her own multi-million dollar business. She shares all her business secrets on #GIRLBOSS Radio, making it the perfect podcast for female entrepreneurs and freelancers.

3. TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour draws inspiration from legendary TED Talks and opens your mind to innovation and creation at your highest potential. Get inspired, get engaged, and get motivated by some of the best ideas on Earth.

4. Happen to Your Career

The Happen to Your Career podcast is for people who dread going to work or who are looking to transition to their dream career (of course, as a full-service creative recruitment agency, we can help with that as well). Host Scott Barlow helps you escape the mundane work in a job you hate and instead focus on negotiating a 5-figure salary, doing what you love, and turning failure into success.

5. Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative podcast topics vary from finding happiness to creating the best work and everything in between. In fact, one particular episode lets you dive deep into Gary Vaynerchuk’s own experience. The best part? All the episodes are around 15 minutes long, making it quick and digestible no matter what your commute.

6. The Daily Boost

This podcast is just what it implies: a boost in your day, every day. The Daily Boost’s podcasts are around 10 minutes and give you that quick inspirational fix you need if you’re crunched for time.

7. The Tim Ferriss Show

Author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneurial author, public speaker, and businessman. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, the topics on The Tim Ferriss Show are 100% applicable to someone in a traditional work environment. His work is outstanding and his podcast is guaranteed to open your mind and reframe the way you think about work and life.

8. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is completely transparent in the Smart Passive Income podcast with how he runs his online business and the strategies he uses to make money. His insight is invaluable and can be applied to whatever field you’re in, but freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs will find it particularly useful in the quest to build a better business.

9. HBR Ideacast

Harvard Business Review hits the nail on the head for job seekers, employees, and leaders alike in this podcast. You’ll learn about topics ranging from how to gracefully say no to your boss to creating a great work environment for maximum productivity. The HBR Ideacast is packed with insider info that will make you the best version of yourself, whether you're searching for a job with a staffing agency, building a business of your own, or focusing on an effective executive search.

10. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

There isn’t an obstacle you can’t overcome with Lewis Howes in The School of Greatness podcast. Lewis sets you up to live your best life by interviewing experts and sharing his own experiences of how he attained the life of his dreams.We hope these podcasts help add some "get up and go" to your daily routine, and if you're feeling motivated to finally find the job you've always dreamed of, 24 Seven can help. As a leading creative recruitment agency, we help professional and freelance creatives land world-class jobs at the world's most desirable brands. Ready to get started? Check out our current job opportunities today!