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3 Words You Should Retire on Your Resume

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Working at the premier recruitment agency in NYC has taught me a thing or two about how to get a job, as well as what our recruiters look for when placing candidates. So, if you want to ensure your submission will get a second look, there are 3 words you should retire on your resume.


Every person wants to be innovative. It's nothing groundbreaking. Ironically, innovation is a word of the past and should retire from your resume. You could use replacement words such as authentic, original, and forward-thinking. This will engage your resume readers and make you more likely to stand out. If you really want to use "innovative" because it was used in the job description, don't just say you're innovative and stop there. According to our VP of Recruitment, as long as what comes after has substance and gives the reader a full understanding of the depth of responsibility. It is when candidates use buzz words without backing them up that employers are turned off. Simply put, be detailed yet concise about the ways you've been innovative and how you would bring innovation to the job you're applying for.


Using "passionate" to describe your adoration for the industry you're trying to get a job in is highly overused and overrated. It is assumed that you are passionate or else you wouldn't be applying for the position, so there's no need to reiterate the fact. Words like driven, determined, and engaged are good substitutes that will give your resume pizazz. You can further expand on your passion in your cover letter by saying how you've expressed an interest in the role you're applying for, for X amount of years.


"Responsible for" is the most standard verbiage for resumes. Hiring managers don't want standard! They want above average candidates who are able to be creative and add a new perspective. It's obvious you were responsible for things in previous jobs, but how? How were you responsible for the digital production of your former company? Instead of using "responsible for", try verbs such as created, organized, and produced. Conclusion: Being original on your resume mixed with solid evidence to what you can bring to the table will ultimately get you the job. It can be a tedious task, but all hiring managers appreciate when you put in that extra effort. What does your resume look like? Include your resume in any relevant job openings listed here!