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3 Things to Consider Before Taking a New Job

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When you feel valued, respected, and fulfilled in your job, it is natural that you will be inclined to tell your friends, about your job satisfaction (which is great news for employers). After all, many adult conversations usually go along the lines of, "How are you? How's work?" We want to be able to brag about our jobs, not complain about them, but how do we get to this point? Before you accept a job make sure you understand the responsibilities of the position, the company’s mission, and the cultural environment to ensure your happiness in the role. Our annual Salary Survey revealed that 74% of workers reported authenticity as a top aspect of company culture. So, here are 3 things to consider before taking a new job:

#1 Make sure your best interests are at heart

No one wants to feel like they're another cog in the corporate wheel. Employees want to feel like the companies they work for really care about them. So how do you go about finding this ideal company? Well, like most problems, start at the beginning. During an interview, ask questions that will give you a feel for the corporate environment. You can ask questions like how involved is the CEO? Or, what role do employees play in shaping the company? When you work for a company that is driven by its employees, your performance will be at its peak and the company culture will be solid. Be clear about your professionals goals, and make sure they match the opportunities available to you in this new position. When you see current employees giving their best, read positive company reviews, and get the answers you've been looking for, you can rest assured knowing you’ve found a company match.

#2 Assess empathy level

Every employee has a story and every employee is going to experience challenges in both their professional and personal lives. You want to find a company that is willing to show compassion and empathy toward these situations. Pinterest, for example, offers new parents the chance to ease back into a work schedule that suits them and their new family. As hard as we might try to keep our professional and personal life separate, the reality today is that we’re experiencing more of a work/life blend. This may be why 79% of workers reported a company's attitude toward work/life balance impacts company culture substantially. Another great way to find out about a company's level of empathy is to ask what the interviewer loves most about his/her job. The answer will tell you about the types of people employed there as well as the company overall. If you can form a meaningful relationship during the interview, it's likely that this feeling will translate to the company as a whole.

#3 Ask about autonomy

Nothing is worse than feeling constrained at work. How creative you can be on a project, what you can say on social media, and how you’re expected to interact with customers and coworkers varies from company to company. Granted, there is a degree of professional etiquette you must maintain at work, but you still want to be able to express yourself freely to some degree. You want to work for an employer who trusts you to be "on brand" in your own way. When employers give the option for autonomy, it's empowering. When we feel empowered, we produce our best work which in turn creates a positive and successful work environment. The potential of a new job is exciting, and terrifying at the same time. You want to make the best decision for yourself and carefully examine the areas that contribute to your happiness. Of course, there are many other things to consider before taking a new job but sometimes the less obvious aspects turn out to be the most important.