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4 Ways to Know If Your Workplace is Right For You

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With the recent launch of our 2017 Job Market Report, our experts found that the majority of employees have the same beliefs on what their ideal workplace looks like. In today's day in age, there is an abundance of educational opportunities and career paths to choose from, so there is no reason you should settle for a workplace that is less than ideal. Now the question is how do you assess your current career? 24 Seven has come up with a few pointers to get you started.

You feel your salary is fair

The majority of people you ask will most likely say they want to be making more money. In the society we live in, this is a normal feeling. We are constantly exposed to those who have bigger and better and do more than us so of course, it's only natural we want to keep up with our peers. However, if you have done your research and based on your findings, your experience level and responsibilities match the average salary for someone with your title, then you can rest assured knowing your salary is fair. Working somewhere that respects your salary needs is one major indication that your workplace is right for you. Salary is the #1 determining factor of taking or staying with a job according to our 2017 Job Market Report. If you do assess your salary and you find your responsibilities and title exceed your paycheck, you may need to rethink your current workplace. Unless for example...

You click with your coworkers

When assessing if your workplace is right for you, enjoying the people you work with can sometimes supersede a shortcoming in salary. Money can't buy happiness, but working with a group of inspiring and motivating people can. Clicking with your coworkers makes your work environment fun, collaborative, and effortless. It's much easier to communicate with coworkers when you understand one another, rather than trying to mesh with people on a different wavelength. In fact, 72% of employees said the culture of their immediate team impacted how they viewed their workplace. Are you in that 72% and do you feel you click with your clique?

You have control over your schedule

Another way to tell if your workplace is right for you is if you feel you have control over your schedule. Ultimately you're working for someone else so your employer will have the final say in your schedule but work/life balance is becoming a strongly sought after benefit amongst employees. In fact, our survey found that having unlimited time off is the #1 coveted benefit. If you're not sure whether you have control over your schedule you can start by asking yourself some questions: What is the vacation policy at your current job? Do you feel comfortable asking for time off? Can come and go as you please or is your work environment more structured? And most importantly how do you feel about your current work schedule? If you happen to work at a place where you're content with your current schedule, then your workplace is one step closer to being ideal. However, if you have always yearned for a flexible schedule and you feel confined at work, then it may be time to start searching for greener pastures.

There's room for growth

It's rare you'll encounter an interview where you ask the hiring manager about opportunities for growth and they respond by giving you a blank stare. Most companies will promise plenty opportunities to grow and scale the ranks. And then once you accept the job you start to question how much opportunity there really is. Sound familiar?OR you take a job, succeed at the speed of light and in a few years, you feel there's nowhere left to grow. Regardless of your situation, an ideal workplace has room for growth ranging from taking on more responsibility to learning a new skill or expanding the business. The sky is truly the limit and that's when you know that's where you're meant to be. Are you still not sure if your workplace is right for you? You can now download the full 2017 Job Market Report for free below and take our workplace evaluation quiz to find out how your workplace ranks!