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How to Find a Job You Love That Loves You Back

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Valentine's Day is upon us! If you're still searching for the career of your dreams that will fulfill you inside and out, look no further! 24 Seven is here to help you tackle the dos and don'ts of finding a long-lasting professional relationship. Finding the perfect job is sort of like finding your soul mate.  Chances are, You won't get it right on the first try but don't let that deter you from looking. In fact, on your quest to find the perfect job you acquire vital experience from the other jobs that didn't work out. A  variety of work experience and jack-of-all-trades attitude is actually highly sought after in today's job market. In order to find a job you love that loves you back, you need to keep 3 things in mind.

#1 Determine what you want

You may begin your career journey thinking you want to do one thing or work with certain types of people in a certain environment, so you set out to find your professional match. Then you land  the supposed "dream job" and it's not all it's cracked up to be. Or the opposite happens and you end up loving a job in an environment or industry you didn't necessarily think you would enjoy. Regardless of how you learn your likes and dislikes, it's important you know them sooner rather than later because this information will be crucial when finding your professional match. Sometimes, to find a happy medium there has to be some trial and error. You won't really know until you try. If you try and you're not satisfied, then you move on to something else. When you finally find a job that hits all of the marks, you will have the passion, drive, and motivation that will allow you to do what you love and love what you do.

#2 Evaluate the company culture

Culture is key in today's job market. Job seekers and hiring managers alike are seeking the perfect cultural match. How do you know what that feels like? You can usually tell if a job is right for you or not during the interview. When the interview is less Q&A and more of a cohesive conversation, that's when you know you've come to the right place. In addition to a conversational interview, you also want to make sure the company's morals and values meet your own. Some questions to consider when making this decision are, is there a lenient work/life balance? What is the vacation policy? What is the leadership style you will adhere to? According to our 2017 Job Market Report, a company's authenticity, attitude toward work/life balance, transparency, business mission, and attitude toward compensation are contributing factors to whether or not a culture is ideal. When these ideals line up, your chances of success are much higher.

#3 Give your best 100% of the time

Even if you're not thrilled with your current job situation, that's no excuse to slack off. When you give your best you typically get the best in return. Showing your current employer how you've contributed positively to the company is grounds for them to respect you desire and maybe even bump you up to that raise you wanted. Giving 100% also sets you up for opportunity within your current company and beyond it. Doors you never knew existed will open and what started as a less than ideal situation has now turned into your dream job. You may even have hiring managers from other companies begging you to work for them! Finding a job you love will take patience, hard work, and determination. But it's nothing a little elbow grease and expert recruiters can't solve! Still looking for "the one"? Browse our recent job openings and let our professional matchmakers set you up with the job that's right for you.