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Ultimate Job Toolkit for Digital Marketers

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Every month, the expert recruiters at 24 Seven bring you a new Ultimate Job Toolkit for trending job titles that are dominating the creative industry. It's part of our commitment to helping the best & brightest minds land unbeatable opportunities at world-class brands. And with digital marketers ruling the job front, this month's Toolkit is all about digital marketing jobs

Digital Marketer Job Description

Digital marketing refers to marketing products/services using the digital landscape and technologies (ie: website, mobile app etc). Digital Marketers typically work closely with key stakeholders on eCommerce, branding, creative, and social teams to execute breakthrough campaigns.

Skills Digital Marketers Need:

Because the discipline covers so many channels, digital marketers need a diverse skillset. Digital advertising, SEO/SEM, paid search, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and website design can all play a critical role in digital marketing campaigns, as can a plethora of other skills. Even more important, digital marketers need to understand how to create a compelling voice across social platforms to build authentic, relevant, interactive client/customer relationships. That means in addition to channel-specific skills, all digital marketers need strong oral and written communication skills.  In terms of hard skills, anything digital. Social media, SEO/SEM, PPC, data analysis, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, visual marketing, and knowledge of tools and platforms. Most importantly, passion for the brands you market for and a positive attitude.

How to Get Digital Marketing Experience

One of the most common paths in the digital marketing industry is to start with relevant internships to build experience for a full-time job, but that's not the only way in. If you're looking to break into the industry and land a digital marketing job, do some professional development like taking a class, starting a project outside of work, attending industry events, and conducting informative interviews with experts in the industry.

What Digital Marketing Hiring Managers Look For:

When evaluating candidates for a digital marketing job, hiring managers generally look for candidates with a strong knowledge of the current trends of the digital marketing landscape and an ability to interpret and apply those trends to current campaigns. Research and analytical capabilities are prized, as are problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Because the digital world can change so fast, it's important for a digital marketer to be good at thinking on their feet. Most employers will also want to see examples of your work, which may include your own personal activity on social media. Many clients say passion for the brand(s) and a great attitude goes a long way. Each company is different so you want to conduct in-depth research on the brand, especially their recent marketing, their audience, etc. and understand what the role entails. This will help you better understand the type of Digital Marketer they’re looking for. Last but not least, aspiring Digital Marketers should stay up to date on new social media tools, best practices, and how other organizations and companies are using them. This will give you a leg up on your competition, especially if you can talk about how you would use these techniques in a campaign for your potential employer. 

How to Succeed in Digital Marketing

Passion is a powerful driver in the digital marketing world. She also recommends doing what you love because nothing can replace the feeling of true satisfaction you get from doing work you’re passionate about.

Find a Digital Marketing Job Online Today

While it's a competitive industry, there's more opportunity than ever in digital marketing, and if you're looking for a digital marketing job, we can help. Our recruiters are seasoned professionals with cutting-edge knowledge on how to get ahead in the digital marketing industry, and we'll help you sharpen your skills and supercharge your job search so you can find the perfect opportunity. Ready to get started? Find a digital marketing job today! Click here to access our free Job Toolkit for everything you need to know about today’s most in-demand jobs. Looking for a job in digital marketing? Search our relevant job postings and apply today! Additional resources to sharpen your skills: Marketing courses at UdemyBeginner classes at Skillshare The Gary Vee Audio Experience The Smart Passive Income Podcast The Tim Ferriss Show