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Before You Accept a Job Offer Examine These 5 Things

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If you’ve just been offered a job – congratulations! But before you jump at the chance to accept your next gig, you need to make sure that the offer fits your expectations and is more than an opportunity to start a flow of money into the bank. Here are 5 things you need to consider before accepting a job offer.

1. Does the job offer meet your expectations?

Before anything else, you need to make sure the job offer meets your expectations. Take a look through your offer letter and check the key parts of your contract such as your responsibilities and general duties, your hours, the policy for vacation and sick days and the opportunities for training and career advancement. Bear in mind that the offer might not be exactly what you’re expecting, but be sure to look at the bigger picture and ensure the company fits your needs generally. If it does, great! If not, you may need to come back to them with a wish list.

2. Does the offer meet your desired salary?

You should of course make sure that the employer is willing to pay you what you’re worth. It’s important to think about the absolute minimum you can accept. To work this out, think about commuting costs, rent and bills, and your current lifestyle. It’s also worth thinking about how much you’d like. In this instance, think about the experience you have to offer, the qualifications under your belt, and the average salaries for people in a similar role and similar location. When mulling over your salary requirements and the offer, remember that it’s not all about the base salary. If your potential new employer won’t meet your salary requirements, they may be able to compensate in other ways, such as more vacation days, workplace perks, and career development opportunities.

3. Do the travel arrangements stack up?

Another thing to consider before accepting your job offer is the travel arrangements. CV-Library’s latest research reveals that most workers are in commuting misery, losing up to 16 days a year traveling to and from work. If you want those 16 days back, you need to think about what your commute will be like in this new role. Consider the length of your daily commute and whether you’re expected to travel across the country working in multiple locations or even abroad.

4. Read the terms and conditions carefully

Before accepting a job offer, even if it looks like a pretty good deal, you want to make sure you read the fine print carefully. It might be that the offer letter stipulates 9–5 working, but the fine print might say you’ll be expected to work one weekend a month. In short, make sure you read everything to ensure there are no surprises.

5. Is negotiation an option?

It seems that most people are too afraid to negotiate a job offer. However, if you’ve looked over your offer letter and some things aren’t adding up, you should address them and negotiate the offer to ensure both you and your employer will be happy. When negotiating with your prospective employer, make sure you’re making reasonable, justifiable demands and they should be willing to compromise. For more negotiation tips, be sure to check out our Salary Negotiations Resource!

Final thoughts

If you’ve worked your way through the 5 things to consider before accepting your job offer and things still don’t seem right, you may want to think again. Remember, just because you’ve been offered a job, you don’t have to accept. Just keep your worth and your expectations in mind at all times and the right employer will respect you for it, making way for a great next step in your career. About the author: Laura Slingo is a Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading job board, CV-Library. For more expert advice on job searches, careers, and the workplace, visit their Career Advice pages.