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Ultimate Job Toolkit for Graphic Designers

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Wondering what it takes to design for a living? See below for our latest Toolkit.

Graphic Designer job description:

Graphic Designers are responsible for the visual communication of a brand or product. Graphic Designers deliver digital designs based on existing style guides and brand guidelines. They must also be able to produce projects to the printer's specs.

Skills Graphic Designers need:

According to our Director of Full-Time Recruitment, Jesse Kleinow, Graphic Designers need to have excellent Adobe Creative Suite skills with emphasis on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Having knowledge of Dreamweaver is a plus too. Not only that, but Graphic Designers must have attention to detail because of the intricate work they do. Jesse adds, that they need experience with color theory, layout, typography, and should know modern trends of design. Strong communication skills are also necessary since they collaborate across teams. In most cases, Jesse says, Graphic Designers need to be able to take direction well from the Art Director. At the same time, Graphic Designers work quite independently so they need to be self-motivated and manage their time on projects efficiently.

How to get Graphic Designer experience:

Our Director of Full-Time Recruitment says traditional design school is one route aspiring Graphic Designers could take to get the experience they need. However, you could also acquire necessary experience from 2+ years at an agency or from an internship which will grant Graphic Designers the right to entry level positions. Jesse adds you can also learn skills from more senior Designers and Art Directors in your professional network.

What hiring managers look for:

A degree in design is definitely something hiring managers look for when considering you for the position, says Jesse. If you don't have a degree, hiring managers also look for experience working on projects from start to finish and incorporating modern trends into your designs. Hiring managers also look for Graphic Designers who are able to work in a fast-paced environment as changes and new projects can come in at the drop of a hat.

Key components to success:

One of the more obvious components to success that Jesse mentions is having projects completed on time. A lesser known key to success would be to constantly learn new design skills, as Jesse urges, this will help keep you up to date and broaden your design horizons. He also recommends being your own Production Artist by making sure there are no mistakes on your work. The more autonomous you are, the more valuable you will be. Click here to access our free Job Toolkit for everything you need to know about today’s most in-demand jobs.

Additional resources to sharpen your skills:

Graphic Design courses at CourseHorse, Graphic Design tutorials at Lynda, Skillshare Graphic Design classes

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