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Digital Marketing and Millennials

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So, you need to hire a digital marketing pro? Don’t look now, but millennials are revolutionizing the field in a big way. The industry is getting younger, faster, and more innovative than ever before. Millennials flock to digital marketing, and for good reasons. The technology being employed today is second nature to many of them.

Millennials are Plugged In

Millennials don’t just want to browse the web, they want to engage. The young millennials grew up in a world where Facebook was always around, texting is second nature, and pinning means something that has nothing to do with wrestling or bowling. The older millennials were not far behind in the adoption of these technologies during their college and young professional years. Millennials also represent the largest representative generation in the United States, surpassing the baby boomers and numbering roughly 83 million in total. They know how to reach their generation and it isn’t through radio or television; it’s online.

Millennials are Willing and Qualified

The often-maligned generation gets a bad rep for being lazy or irresponsible. However, consider the following:

  • Millennials are the most educated generation in history, with 61% attending college.

  • Millennials are more satisfied with their company and job than their counterpart boomers or Gen Xers.

  • Far from lazy, millennials are more competitive than boomers or Gen Xers

The list goes on, and this article in The Economist does a good job debunking classic myths regarding millennials. The takeaway is that millennials are willing and qualified employees who display a higher level of company loyalty than their predecessors and are highly competitive. What’s more, they’re fresh-minded and are passionate about improving the world through technology. Precisely what you want in a digital marketing professional.

The Challenge in Hiring Millennials

The problem with hiring millennials is not that they’re a lost generation, entitled and lazy. It’s that they’re young. And like any generation, there are always risks that come when you hire younger workers. Now, don’t forget, this doesn’t include all millennials. There’s a large part of the generation that have been in the workforce for a while and are ascending into management roles. You wouldn’t call them entitled and lazy, you’d call them experienced.

Hire the Person, Not the Stereotype

Simply put, if you don’t want to hire a lazy, entitled, employee: don’t. This is what the screening and interview process is there for. It was there for the Boomers and it will begin for Generation Z now that they are joining the workforce. Younger workers in general need guidance and direction. They will occasionally think they know something that they don’t, or eschew the “old school” approach to anything, including marketing. This is not unique to millennials, in fact, it’s common for inexperienced employees.

Set Standards and Expectations

Millennials may have a relaxed attitude about them which gives rise to the perception that they’re too casual for the business world. It’s easy to see how they can come by that when the Millennial-in-Chief, Mark Zuckerberg is rarely seen out of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. However, it’s important to remember that Steve Jobs rarely donned a suit either. Innovators are accustomed to a laid-back approach to business 101 items such as attire. Digital marketing companies tend to promote a casual atmosphere that is driven more by technology than boardroom presentations. However, if your business differs; set those standards early and communicate expectations.

Play to Their Strengths

As digital natives, millennials have probably forgotten more about the internet than someone twice their age will ever know. This is a strength that allows them to intuitively embrace and adapt to online trends and situations. It’s exactly what you want and need out of your digital marketing team. Find value in the strengths they possess, whether it’s a particular social media channel or a deep understanding of website analytics. Millennials thrive on competition, and have grown up with everything gamified so don’t be afraid to gamify the office or team with a little friendly rivalry.

Hire a Millennial Today

By 2025, millennials are estimated to make up around 75% of the entire workforce in the United States. They’re a unique generation whose pros vastly outweigh their cons. What’s more likely is that critique on millennials centers around the same “kids these days” mentality that each generation has for the one after it. Millennials are, in fact thriving in today’s workforce. Many older millennials, those in their mid-30s, have risen into management and oversee multi-generational teams, including their younger millennial counterparts. Whatever your hiring need, both groups combine a native understanding of the online landscape, a degree in marketing (one of the most conferred degrees for the generation), and a passion to succeed. Your next best digital marketing hire awaits. Interested in more information about millennials in the workplace? Check it out here.