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Top 10 Career Choices for Millennials

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Millennials represent a unique group of around 50 million employees in the United States. They are young, hungry, and have grown up during a time of tremendous technological advancement. In fact, many of the jobs currently sought after and occupied by millennials today didn’t exist for their Generation X counterparts. And while Generation Z is right around the corner, millennials currently represent the largest percentage of the United States workforce. Older millennials have been in the workforce for several years, but their younger counterparts are just starting out. Millennials are a diverse group who have followed several career paths. Here are the top 10 career choices for millennials.

1. Advertising Executive

As millennials look to transition from student to employee, the advertising industry is undergoing its own changes. Print, television, and radio advertising are still around, however they are evolving with the digital age. The current industry requires specialists in online mediums. Social media and PPC advertising are growing, for example, and many companies are bringing these divisions in-house.  Advertising Executives often progress towards management roles within a company’s marketing department.

2. IT / Systems Analyst

Unsurprisingly, the rise in technology is paving the way for new tech jobs that are heavily targeted by millennials. Analyzing an organization’s computer systems and taking steps to ensure they are running at optimal capacity is a booming career path. The industry is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. In addition, candidates can expect a career path towards systems administration or IT Director roles.

3. Data Science

More technology brings more data, and with it comes data science. This highly analytical position is one of the fastest growing jobs in the technology sector, and one that is frequently held by millennials. This position entails diving into complex data such as web traffic, usage statistics, product interaction and analytics, predictive modeling, and more. There are numerous applications for data science such as business intelligence, marketing, and consumer behavior. Anywhere a large set of data can be obtained (which is nearly everywhere in today’s business world), data science is used.

4. Market Research Analyst

In today’s environment, a market research analyst can expect to fulfill the function of many of the jobs on this list. From conducting focus groups to interpreting data sets to designing advertising campaigns; market research is booming, driven by continually changing technology and the emergence of social media. Market research analysts dive into data to determine what drives consumers to purchase the products they do, and how best to reach and connect with them. Analysts are usually entry level positions and may progress to management within a company’s marketing or data analysis departments.

5. Social Media Management

Younger millennials have spent the bulk of their lives growing up in a world powered by social media. It’s also no secret that social media is a ubiquitous advertising and marketing tool. From running advertising campaigns to creating specialized marketing content, social media managers wear many hats. This career often represents a track towards internet marketing management which is a highly sought after position that deals with all aspects of online marketing including SEO, PPC, social media, and analytics.

6. Freelancer

One thing the internet has done is shrink geographic distances and enable remote work. It wasn’t that long ago that if a company wanted to hire a graphic designer they looked locally. Now, thanks to the internet, they don’t have to. The freelance sector is booming, and in fact; freelancers represent up to 35% of the entire US workforce. From freelance writing to web design and development; there’s never been a better time to hone your skills into a lucrative independent contractor career. There is also a demand for freelance online marketing specialists such as those who can manage SEO analysis, PPC campaigns, and social media. If you have a skill and a laptop; freelancing may be the way to go. Check out our list of top 10 freelance jobs .

7. SEO / SEM Specialist

As more companies vie for real estate on the web, search engine optimization and development is growing more than ever. SEO / SEM Specialists focus on developing strategies that ensure their company’s website shows up well in search results. Specialists often conduct keyword research, dive into analytics, and work closely with marketing and development teams on web design, landing pages, and content strategies. Individuals in these roles often stay within the marketing department for advancement.

8. Content Development and Copy Writing

The written word is still important, even in today’s fast-paced, online world. A copywriter works closely with social media managers and marketing teams to create online content such as blogs, articles, whitepapers, website and landing page copy, e-mail newsletters, and social media posts. Web writers usually stay within the marketing department and may advance to content management or other marketing positions.

9. Database Developer

Database developers are IT specialists who are responsible for the development and maintenance of a company’s IT architecture. Their primary focus is typically on improving systems or ensuring that new projects will integrate with the current one. Database Developers work closely with executives and managers to determine what information needs to be stored and how best to do it.  Over time, developers may follow a path towards senior development or business intelligence positions.

10. Web Developer

Web developers build the back end of websites to ensure the technical side is functional and efficient. Web designers are more focused on the appearance of a website, therefore the two often work closely together. Web Developers may also perform maintenance, revise, or update websites as needed. In terms of career growth, many web developers advance towards senior web development or software engineering positions.

Ready to Start Your Career?

The careers above represent ten of the most sought after paths for graduating millennials as well as established employees looking to make a change. If any of the above interests you, head over to 24 Seven Talent and start charting the path to career goal fulfillment.