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Blogging To Get a Job

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When many of us think of blogging, we imagine people throwing random life thoughts and experiences out into the digital ether. At one time or another, a friend has told us all that we should check out their blog! The fact remains that most of us just nod politely and then move along. However, the humble blog can be an amazing way to help grow one’s digital marketing skills and boost access to career and job opportunities. The key is learning how to make personal and professional blogging engaging and issue-focused enough to catch the eye of recruiters and potential employers. Because the experts at 24 Seven Talent work with some of the biggest names in digital marketing, we thought we'd show you how blogging can help you get a job and may improve your digital marketing skills as well.

Staying in the Know

Any potential digital marketing employer is going to want to know that you are on the cutting-edge of the digital marketing world. While you could just add a new skill to your resume, it can be much more impressive to detail how you discovered and mastered the latest techniques and platforms. This not only shows that you are inclined to improving yourself and learning new things, but it also demonstrates that you follow through on tasks.

Using Your Blog to Network & Make Connections

While networking in person is important, it’s not always feasible to meet with industry leaders in such a way. Your blog can be an introduction into the online niche of your choice and through a solid presentation of yourself, it can help put you in touch with employers who are looking for candidates just like you. A great way to gain exposure with these companies is to follow their blogs and leave professional and thoughtful comments on their posts.

Tips and Tricks

If you have some unique digital marketing tips and tricks, then engaging in professional blogging about what you know is a great way to boost your chances at employment. The companies that we work with are always scanning digital marketing blogs for ways to improve their organization's standing. If you can provide proven and statistically backed tactics, it goes a long way in establishing you as a savvy expert.

Beyond Your Resume

If you want to showcase your professional abilities beyond your resume, a personal or professional blog can be a great platform for demonstration, without being boastful. Dedicate a blog post to your latest certification and how it has improved your understanding of a particular segment or the overall industry. This way it brings a certification note on your resume to life, and the story behind its achievement will show your commitment to growth. While these are only a few of the benefits of blogging, they do highlight the importance of expanding your footprint within the digital marketing world. 24 Seven Talent works hard to get your resume in front of the right employers, but it is up to you to make your name and reputation pop off the page. We'd love to hear about how blogging has improved your career, so contact us to share your stories.