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How Remote Jobs are Changing Processes and Management

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With many companies having recently adopted remote work models we're seeing an increased reliance on freelancers, especially when it comes to digital marketing jobs. While remote working was frowned upon for years, it turns out it does have a number of benefits. These include:

Offering off-site working options can also attract a larger pool of applicants and reduce your overhead costs. Despite all the benefits, recruiters and companies do have to take into account the challenge of altering their HR and management processes. At 24 Seven Talent, we’ve been at the forefront of the freelancing/remote revolution since we launched in 2000. We thought it might be helpful to go over how you can successfully recruit and retain remote workers as well as how to deal with HR concerns.

Hiring for Remote Positions

If you are considering switching to a more remote work model, the first thing you need is access to a skilled and experienced talent pool. Not everyone is made to work on their own and there will be team members who need additional support and training. An experienced job placement facilitator, like 24 Seven Talent, will be able to match you with people who can hit the ground running.If you are considering a freelancer to take on remote work, you many need to change some of your preconceived notions of freelancers. These are not mercenaries for hire; they are like any other employee. Your aim should be to create long-term relationships that will strengthen your company and not just complete a certain task.

Process Changes

Now that you have the proper mindset and access to the right applicants, you might be asking, "How do we handle freelancers from an HR perspective?" A recruitment agency like 24 Seven handles much of the upfront work for you. We are the employer of record for your W-2 employees. We shoulder the burden of all pay rate, tax requirements, mandatory deductions and benefits information. As far as daily management, the major change comes with understanding the culture of freelance workers. Your management team must grasp that these aren't just college kids looking to make extra money, these are highly-skilled and experienced digital marketing professionals who need to be treated with same level of respect as their full-time counterparts. We know onboarding remote talent may seem like a daunting task, but with proper oversight it can be done seamlessly resulting in a lasting employee/employer relationship.

How 24 Seven Talent Can Help

As we mentioned before, 24 Seven Talent has a deep pool of freelance and remote-ready job applicants available for recruiters in the digital marketing space. On top of this, we have expertise to guide you through the freelance landscape. For more insights, check out our resource on the Benefits of Hiring Freelancers here.