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How Utilizing Database Marketing Can Help You Become a CRM Manager

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Staying connected with customers is easier now than ever. Emails, social media, banners, native ads, video and interstitials are all ways to reach and interact with clientele. The key to using these modern technologies is to combine existing customer data with the latest data analyzing tools or CRMs (consumer relationship managers). If you’re in the market to become an effective CRM Manager, it’s important for you to learn what an effective database strategy is, and how it can help you fuel CRM processes and land your dream gig as a CRM Manager. At 24 Seven Talent, we’ve had the opportunity to find and place CRM Managers with top companies across multiple industries, so we’ve compiled some information to help you land your next job.

What Does a CRM Manager Do?

To put this all into play, a successful company needs someone to manage it all. A CRM Manager is responsible for planning and delivering successful CRM strategies across a company by encouraging customer retention and loyalty. They must ensure that the CRM works seamlessly and is capturing all necessary data points in the customer life cycle. Depending on the industry, they may oversee direct communications with customers through the CRM.  While the job responsibilities may vary depending on the company and the size of the CRM and database, most CRM managers are strategic members of an organization.

What Skills and Experience Should a CRM Manager Have?

While the experience level and skill set may vary by industry, a senior account manager at 24 Seven Talent, Bri McGee says, CRM Managers need to be extremely organized and have attention to detail as they lead marketing planning across all channels, maintain marketing calendars, create reporting for media channels and communicate findings to executive teams. Many candidates for CRM Manager positions have backgrounds in direct and digital marketing, a Marketing or IT related degree and strong communication skills. Hiring managers are typically looking for experience with loyalty programs, customer re-engagement campaigns as well as retention of customer bases.  For more information on what skills and experience you might need to become a CRM Manager, check out our Ultimate Job Toolkit.

What is Database Marketing?

To become an effective CRM Manager, it’s crucial that you understand what database marketing is, and how it can be combined with a CRM to yield great results for your company. Database marketing uses qualitative and quantitative tools like email, social media and native advertising and can be effective for both B2C and B2B companies. When combined with CRMs, you can create personalized or one-on-one marketing campaigns. Before CRM tools, databases were just that, bases for your data. Information would need to be picked through and analyzed, wasting valuable time and money. Today, when you combine the two, data is taken in and instantly analyzed and utilized, which allows you to focus on more important tasks.

Using Database Technology to Fuel CRMs

Just collecting all your customer data in one place and pushing it through your CRM software is not the best use of this technology. One great tip is to have multiple data points so you can separate data by how it is gathered and its importance. There are many database tech tools that can help sift through the data even before it is analyzed by your CRM software. This kind of properly sorted data allows your CRM to accomplish its goals faster and more accurately. If you’re ready to get into the job market and find your next CRM Manager position, contact 24 Seven Talent today and let us help place you with the job that best fits your qualifications.

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