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2018 Social Media Trends


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Snapchat move quickly to stay current, competitive, and user-friendly. Because of this, it is critical for those who rely on social media marketing to stay on top of all the latest changes. Since 2017 is quickly coming to a close, we thought we'd share some important social media trends to help you get ahead in 2018.

Expiring Content

Since its debut in August of 2016, Instagram Stories are being utilized by 200 million people every month. To put that into perspective, the much-heralded Snapchat app only racks up around 150 million users. With mobile video advertising spending projected to hit $18 billion in 2018, these video and photo apps fit perfectly in any plan to integrate video. Brands can also increase engagement with their consumers when conducting live streams, these streams can now be saved for 24 hours so users who can’t jump in during the live broadcast can still interact with a brands content. While these videos only exist for a single day, tools like Snap codes and Instagram’s Swipe Up feature, allow consumers the ability to save and access products long after the videos have expired.

Messaging Platforms

Messaging platforms continue to be a focus for digital marketers. We expect that 2018 will see an increased utilization of apps like WhatsApp and Kik to connect with consumers. This also goes for digital video hangout apps like Houseparty and Facebook's soon-to-be released-clone.  By utilizing artificial intelligence, brands can see and understand what a user is messaging about and direct the user to an app or landing page to streamline their experience. Kik has even introduced its own digital currency, Kin, to make it easier for users to make purchases.

Storytelling and Personalized Content

One of the biggest new social media trends to expect in 2018 will be the adoption of a storytelling approach to advertising to target younger generations. With the ability to tailor content to a specific niche, marketers can create a personalized content marketing strategy based on user engagement. By including commenting on posts, tagging, and sharing posts and videos, you’ll engage with your market on a personal level. Digital marketers will be able to expand their reach on social media while appearing more connected to the consumer.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

There are a large number of VR startups that are likely to blossom in 2018 and change how we interact with social media. On top of Facebook's highly anticipated Facebook Spaces, smaller companies such as Pluto, LiveLike, and Bigscreen should definitely be on your radar. Virtual reality has near limitless possibilities, and can directly alter your content marketing. Not only can you convince your consumers why they need your product via your blog, but now you will be able to show them how they can integrate your product into their everyday life via VR.


While these are only a handful of the social media trends that we anticipate in 2018, we think this is a great starting point for your future marketing. Staying abreast of both current and upcoming industry trends can be overwhelming, but keeping up will keep you competitive. If you’re looking for your next social media superstar who is well aware of these trends and more, contact us at 24 Seven Talent.