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How Can Big Data Influence Your 2018 Marketing Campaign?

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Few things could be more important in 2018 for businesses than understanding how data can affect your marketing strategy. Thankfully, whether it's consumer analytics, fraud protection, or enterprise data optimization, the job candidates you will find at 24 Seven Talent understand how these data points impact marketing. In order to take your business to the next level, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the most important trends for data and marketing that should influence your 2018 strategy.

Big Data and You

Big data is a term that describes the large amounts of structured and unstructured data that flows non-stop into your business. Despite many data collection efforts, only 44% of B2C marketers are taking advantage of this vast resource to improve responsiveness, and that number drops to 36% when it comes to creating relationship-driven strategies.

How Can Big Data Influence Your 2018 Marketing Campaign?

According to the experts at Adobe, data is used in a number of different high-impacting ways including:

  • Consumer Analytics (48%)

  • Operational Analytics (21%)

  • Fraud and Compliance (12%)

  • New Product & Service Innovation (10%)

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization (10%)

Each of these disciplines plays a role in increasing customer acquisition and supply chain efficiency. They can also help you create insights that drive product and service offerings. Not only will this information assist in your 2018 strategy, but is essential for the continuous optimization of your marketing campaigns.

Why You Need a More Data-Driven Marketing Strategy for 2018

There’s truth in the data and therefore it should become your guiding light for developing informed decisions. The level of sophistication available with data platforms has allows businesses to get closer to replicating their customers’ journey. Some popular ways to use data to drive your marketing include:

  • Marketing to increase customer lifecycle – Real-time analysis of data allows for longer customer lifecycles

  • Customer Personalization – Use data to not only track consumers but also to personalize your marketing

  • Social Targeting – Using nearly limitless amounts of data to target a Social Media user that aligns with your brand specifically and engages

  • Improved Content Marketing – Data can greatly influence your content as it can elude to who your customer is, what their interests are, and what is most likely to convert them

The Right Team for the Job

As with any new plan, it won't improve your business unless it is implemented correctly. With the analytics sector rapidly growing, companies are literally fighting to obtain top talent and to utilize big data in a big way. Contact 24 Seven Talent today and we can match you with the perfect candidates to make sure your 2018 data-driven marketing strategy pays off!