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3 Ways to Leave Work at Work During the Holidays

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For a lot of employees, the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year at work. Whether it be retail, e-commerce, or anything related to sales, companies are scrambling to meet their end of year quotas and deadlines. It can be difficult to keep work from creeping into your personal life as the year winds down... But every employee, no matter the job, needs time to set the refresh button, especially during the crazy holiday season. Not to fret, 24 Seven has you covered with 3 ways to leave work at work during the holidays.

1. Stay ahead of the game

Because the holidays are a busy time for most, it's best to stay ahead of the game at work so you can enjoy the holidays with your mind at ease. You'll want to wrap up any projects, which may mean staying late or arriving early. Your coworkers are most likely in the same boat as you, so if you need their assistance on a project be sure you’ve left enough time so you’re not working until the 11th hour. Strategize with co-workers early on so no one is scrambling to get everything done before going away for the holidays. Don't forget to schedule your OOO email letting your coworkers, clients, and other professional contacts know you'll be out and when they can expect to hear back from you. The earlier you do this the better because as we near the holidays we tend to forget little details such as that!

2. Take additional time off during the holidays

Some companies give a generous amount of holiday time off, while others don't give any. Save a few extra days to take off around the holidays so you can unwind from the chaos at work. This will give you the chance to enjoy your family and friends instead of thinking about everything work-related you have to do  (and if you stayed ahead of the game there shouldn't be much to think about). If planned correctly you could possibly have arranged upward of 5 days off in a row, which could be considered a generous vacation. As busy as the holiday season is, things do taper off a few days before and after major holidays. This slow period is ideal for using vacation or personal days before you have to rev things up for a new year at work.

3. Turn off email notifications on your phone

A huge distraction during the holidays is receiving email notifications on your phone. You see the white bubble appear on your phone screen and tell your family 'This will only take a second...' and the next thing you know you're working from home for the rest of the day. There are enough distractions that get in the way of time with family from social media, to Netflix, and online games that you don't need work obligations added to the list. So go ahead - turn those email notifications off on your phone. If you've stayed ahead of the game at work, wrapped up all projects, and scheduled your OOO email, then you know you won't miss anything crucial and if there is a real emergency the person will know how to contact you accordingly. Taking this step will be one of best gifts you can give yourself and your family for the holidays.

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