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Are You In Pursuit Of Happiness At Work?

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This year’s 2018 Job Market Report is here! If you’re looking to move jobs, are just getting out in the job market, or want to see what other employers are offering their employees, this is the report to read! We surveyed nearly1,700 professionals from varying backgrounds, experience levels, and age groups in Digital Marketing, Creative Services, Fashion, Retail, and Beauty to give us insights on compensation and benefits trends, talent mobility, employee happiness, and employee stress. Check out our key takeaways below, and download the Job Market Report for more insights! A majority of the results were positive, showing that salaries were up over last year and feelings on the economy and the job market were optimistic. Total compensation rose 8% , but more than half of respondents are still planning on making a job switch within the next 12 months, or are already considering an offer. So if you’re planning a job change, you’re not alone. Employee engagement is up, with half of our respondents saying that they are really into their jobs.

As mentioned above, this year’s survey focused on employee happiness and asked what makes employees, like yourself, happy, what would make them happier, and what employers are offering to increase the happiness of their employees. Why should you want to be happy at work? Seems like a straight forward question, but our report shows that not only are happy employees happy, but they are also more productive, creative, collaborative, engaged, and loyal!

Other key takeaways include what most employees are worried about, both in and out of the office, what is stressing employees out, and the top 10 salary tradeoffs. What would you tradeoff for a different salary? Download the Job Market Report to find out if your answer aligns with other employees.

If you’re looking for a new job or even a change in career, be sure to check out what fields Hiring Managers say is in the most demand! Click here to download your free copy of the 2018 Job Market Report!