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Web Design Trends — 2018

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With the release of the HTML 5.2, many can agree that interface and user experience is always improving online. The internet is universal and can be viewed from all kinds of devices, such as smart phones and tablets. It is wise to understand the importance of web design coding for multi-screen usage and the use of full-stack development. These web design technologies are always improving and if you can improve with them, you will go beyond your competitors. Here are some trends that you should keep an eye on for this year:

1. Interactive Media

According to Forbes’ Top Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018, “Consumers crave a more personalized and entertaining experience when it comes to how they connect with brands, and content such as polls, quizzes, and games can deliver exactly this experience. […] This type of content draws people in by asking them personal and challenging questions and then delivers exactly the right resource or product based on how someone answers the questions.” People want to feel important and a part of an experience. Prompting a viewer or giving a task increases their likelihood of interaction on your site, creating an interactive experience for them.

2. Large Typography

This style choice is very common. Many companies are switching to large type to put a creative flair on something as simple as their name. It is easy to read and looks incredibly well put together, especially if layered with a hero image or video. Large type is an important part in bringing together an entire site’s aesthetic.

3. Be Consistent!

Many sites also have corresponding apps. Keeping a consistent aesthetic and organization of information with the site and apps is crucial. This makes each platform more recognizable to potential clients and employers, creating a more lasting impression. According to Paula Borowska in Forbes, “The tone, the company message, the language used, the visuals and so on need to stay the same. Businesses that want to increase customer loyalty tend to start thinking about this consistency whereas designers help because they are usually in charge of the branding.” Understanding that branding creates customer loyalty will drive you ahead of your competition and look very professional to your viewers.

4. Color

Color is making its way back to the internet. According to, “While still taking your brand into consideration, the general theme of 2018 seems to be “everything goes!” From pastel colors to more vibrant and flashy, the much-loved gradients and monochromatic palettes, color is very much a leading trend for the upcoming year.” Maintain your brand in a vibrant way.

5. Non-traditional Layout

Over time, websites begin to look the same. They follow similar layouts and styles and begin to lose their personal flair. states, “When it comes to the design aspect, there’s a shift towards layouts that look more stylish and out of the box. Imagine something along the lines of an editorial magazine. Many of these sites take on the notion of “organized chaos” but since people are more savvy when it comes to scanning websites, it works.” This could be anything from experimenting with a new navigation bar or menu, textual layouts, and how your animations and photos are displayed. It will keep your viewers intrigued and keep them on your site longer. Learning the code and the most popular web design trends to present the information you contribute to the industry is beneficial when working with the web. By staying on top of web design trends and user experience, you will be more appealing to potential employers and clients. Your website design is similar to a first impression to a web user. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Don’t fall behind in the trends!