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Ask A Recruiter

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You asked. We’re here to answer! The job market is constantly changing, so we asked you what you wanted to know, and had our expert recruiters get you the answers so you can make the right choices on the road to your next job.

What is the most in-demand job?

Anything digital! Whether that be on the creative side, or the marketing side, social media, influencer marketing, that is where everything is going.” – Rachel Feinbloom

What advice would you give candidates looking for jobs?

Be Authentic – Just be yourself!  Let your personality shine through! Hiring managers ask questions to evaluate your thought process and see how you react to certain situations.  You do not have to answer everything perfectly, so try to avoid overselling yourself as it can come across as disingenuous. Be Prepared & Do Your Research – Make sure to arrive a few minutes before your interview and bring extra copies of your resume. Research the company and people you will be meeting with and come prepared with some thoughtful questions. Send Thank You Notes – You want to make a lasting impression after an interview, and there’s no better way than sending a thank you note.  The most common mistake is being too generic and short.  Touch upon something that stood out to you in the interview and reiterate how you can contribute to the business and the team.  Triple check the spelling of the interviewer and company name!!” - Jessica Zelling

My one piece of advice for candidates would be first impression is everything. Whether you are going to an interview or networking over coffee, you want to make sure you are on time, presentable, and you are preparing accordingly because first impression is everything!” - Rachel Pennacchia

Are cover letters dead? If so, what’s the alternative?

Cover letters are definitely not but dead but they also might not be necessary. Many Hiring Managers typically don’t read them, but a great alternative is to have multiple versions of your resume that are tailored to the position you are either applying to interviewing for” - Kate Sweeney

What is the difference in the potential employee landscape from 5 years ago?

New platforms have taken the main stage when it comes to applying to jobs, and recruiters are utilizing all of them to find the talent that they need, which means that keywords play an important part in their search efforts. Be consistent and concise across all platforms when it comes to your skills and expertise!” – Kate Gilman

Are you finding that candidates are happy in their jobs?

"According to 24 Seven's 2018 Job Market Report, less than 50% of employees report being somewhat happy in their jobs. I see this statistic every day. The majority of candidates who come to me looking for new opportunities are, in fact, unhappy in their current job. Happy employees are ultimately more productive, more creative, more collaborative, engaged, and ultimately, loyal." - Cara Wasserstrom 

What can companies do to keep employees happy?

"In addition to competitive compensation, ways to retain talent are through non traditional benefits that could include: on-site yoga, meditation, nap rooms, stocked fridges, as well as unlimited vacation days. Career pathing and training and development are also easy ways to keep employees happy in the workplace. Once you know you've hit a ceiling, you oftentimes are looking for something else, and that ends up being outside of the company that you're currently with. Don't discount the impact of a company's culture and the mission they stand behind on an employee's happiness. For example, I was recently working with a candidate who had two offers on the table at the same time. She ended up going with the offer that was actually less in terms of total compensation, but with a company that aligned with her core values - it was mission-driven from day one." - Cara Wasserstrom 

How can companies engage and retain Millennials?

"When it comes to dealing with the millennial generation as a whole, as a millennial myself, I'm able to understand where these candidates are coming from, and people that I speak with, when you're in the same position for too long, you start looking elsewhere, you get bored, you want to be more involved, you want to have a better and more important part in the company. So, if you're offering candidates more opportunities to learn new skills, adding to their position, showing them a clear career path, they are more likely to stay there, engaged and involved in the company, and not look for other opportunities that  might come their way." - Courtney Walsh

Are you seeing a high demand for talent today?

"With the low unemployment rate, this is definitely a candidate-driven market. According to our 2018 Job Market Survey, 66% of candidates are planning a job move, and at the time of  our survey, 19% were already entertaining an offer." - Courtney Walsh

How can companies compete in today's tight labor market?

"Whether the candidate is an active or passive job seeker, salary is definitely still a really big lure for them, so for the companies that cannot compete with that, offering advancement opportunities of different programs to learn new skills, is definitely still a really big perk for candidates. If they feel the company is investing in them, they are more likely to stay and grow within that company." - Courtney WalshDidn’t have your question answered? Let us know how we can help you, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more of the #AskARecruiter series!

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