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Squash New Job Nerves

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You aced your interview, accepted the offer, and now your first day is approaching. You are beyond excited for this new job, yet you still can’t help but feel nervous. Don’t worry – this is normal! We’re here with our tips to get rid of those new job nerves!

A few weeks or days out

Relieve your nerves before they happen by planning ahead. Check how traffic is around the time you need to be at work for a few mornings before your first day, so you can plan on when you will need to leave. Be sure to also plan to be there 15 minutes early. Once you arrive, make sure you know where to park and if you will need cash to pay at the end of the day. Another thing to plan ahead on is what you are going to wear. Depending on your new role, your first day is not the time to show off your tattoos, piercings, or bright style. If you’re unsure, keep it on the conservative side until you get a sense of what your colleagues wear every day. And don’t forget food! The last thing you want on your first day is to get caught in the moment and next thing you know it’s 3pm and you’re starving. Pack a lunch and some snacks to have on hand, and then you can see what your coworkers normally do during their breaks. Have a small photo that brings a smile to your face? As long as it is appropriate, bring it to work and add it to your desk. It will calm those first day nerves every time you look at it!

The Night Before

Make sure you get to bed early! But before your head hits the pillow, review the job description of your new role get a sense of what you will go over your first week. Make sure your lunch is ready, your outfit is out, and write down any questions that may have popped into your head throughout the day.

The Day Of

You’re 15 minutes early because you checked traffic, you have your food, you parked where you were supposed to, and your outfit is very business appropriate. It’s game time. Have your pen and notebook ready at all times, and write down everything. Yes, everything. You never know when that information will come in handy, and trust us, it will come in handy in the coming months. Ask any and all questions that pop into your head, no matter how big or small. Branch out and introduce, or even re-introduce yourself to people throughout the day. They will be able to give you tips and tricks as you’re getting acclimated.You did it! You survived your first day! Before your second day, be sure to review the notes you took the day before, and write down any other questions you may have thought of. Continue doing this, along with introducing yourself to your new coworkers, for the first few weeks or until you get in the routine of your new job and enjoy! Looking for a new opportunity so you can use these first-day tricks? Click here to see our most recent jobs!

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